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  1. I am definitely more prone to remember all my bad shots. I try to learn alot from what I do wrong.
  2. well put. I am going to have to once again put my foot in my mouth. I'll stop posting until I know what I am talking about.
  3. Ive started doing a jumbo bucket and a medium bucket.
  4. Could someone explain the difference between hipslide and rotating the hips. I feel that when you really rotate the right hip through it automatically pulls the body towards the left foot
  5. you are 100% correct on the motions, these are based on basic anatomical position. When going through a golf swing though, its pretty hard to get a good supination without involving some flexion. I guess it is a combination of the two that I am talking about.
  6. oh on the contrary man, wrist supination and wrist flexion are almost identical motions when swinging. I may be wrong and there may be more then one way to skin a cat but hogan says that you can't supinate that left wrist too much. And the process of supination automatically moves your wrist in the ulnar direction. Pronation is apparently a no no. I am not a pro, so I could be making myself sound stupid but as long as my wrist doesnt straighten (extend/pronate) out until well after impact the ball really flies.
  7. what does shortening your swing mean? I thought you create lag with A cocking your wrists in the back swing, B involving the hips last in the back swing and first in the downswing and C keeping your wrist supinated (cocked) when swingiing through the ball.
  8. I too have dealt withlow back problems (sports injury), and as a medical student and patient I'll give you some insight as to what I did to help alleviate it. I would first go to a physician and see what exercises they say you can do. The two things that help it the most are weight lifting and yoga. I would avoid high impact running and hit the ellipticals (some of the higher end models at places like 24 hr fitness are pretty good at simulating running if thats your thing. What you should focus on for relieving back pain are your legs, gluts, abs (core) and back. Back extensions, as some
  9. man if you can hit your irons and your hybrid you'll be fine. Honestly regardless of the club, if I can't hit it warming up for a round, I avoid it unless I am having a particularly good day hitting the ball. I've found that all the shots I have trouble making, I have trouble visualizing as well.
  10. My northface jacket, I always carry some hothands with me, keeps my hands and golfballs warm.
  11. Medical School...On vacation, then time off for research.
  12. Reading greens. If I were to get graded on this it would be a definite F-
  13. Truer words have never been spoken. I love my driver, but I wish I loved my putter more...
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