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  1. Hello everyone, new here from outside of Memphis TN. I play anywhere I can, havent been playing very long, but have manged to get my handicap from 25+ down to 13-14 over the winter. I attribute this completely to a club change and a reset of my swing, I stopped trying to kill the ball and developed a nice smooth tempo swing that is repeatable with a good release. I used to hit with an old set of Wilsons that are probably 1970s models but now in the bag are: Taylor Made RAC CGB irons with graphite shafts(totally changed my game) Cleveland Launcher 10.5 (I leave it at home, cant hit it) Taylor Made Burner FWs, 3 wood is now my driver until I learn to hit a driver, at least its straight and I can get 210-220 out of it swinging nice and easy, better than 240 and in the woods Cleveland CG14 56 wedge Adams Sand wedge There are still a few things I can improve in my game, mainly putting and driving. If I could just putt I could get into the 70s driving with the 3 wood and based on iron play. I love the RAC CGBs, hit the ball sky high and straight as an arrow, totally predictable. I hit a set of Adams CB2s today and could not believe how they felt, it was like the ball exploded off the face. These may be in the bag in the next month or so, now that I am improving and getting a little more serious about the game and progress.
  2. I am soon to get fitted for a driver, I have jumped from TM, to Ping, now have an 07 Launcher which has done well and on a good drive I can get 250 or so out of it. I will be looking at the superfast driver and seeing if it is for me
  3. Program Management for Fortune 500 electronics company
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