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  1. Just changing my Cfs shafts to project x 5.5 flighted as I feel the Cfs are a bit to easy for me to flex !
  2. I have changed my mind and re tried the putter and once used I as addicted ! And bought one ha
  3. Tried it the other day and it is awful ! Not soft at all a bit like the kombi in size but was hoping it as a soft face but felt awful
  4. I'd send it back I bet callaway send you a new club ! Nike do if it's a fault
  5. Flightscope just moved to tm r1 tp so driver needs re doing and is 50 yards more but the rest are the same
  6. he loved it and Nike were brilliant
  7. just a few I have to say that Rory is a true gent and my son loved it
  8. Ive had the G25 and they are really good irons but the cobra ones are very nice also it depends which suit your eye the best as half the battle is how you feel about them at address
  9. He is getting to play with him in Scotland just before the open and then gets to spend the day with him, I made a donation to a charity and this was sorted for me. gets full Niked up and a driver fitting with there tour team also. will post pictures when we've been
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