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  1. I've got a Ping G20 (neutral, non-adjustable) 10.5* with factory TFC stiff shaft. Real good condition. $50 shipped. Message me if interested and I'll send some pics.
  2. This isn't rocket science. Nevemind the loft changes. You'll adjust as you get used to distances today's irons at today's lofts go. But why wouldn't you want irons that are far more forgiving? I have some late-90's forged Titleist 735CM irons that I'll pull out every once in a while and I'm reminded the massive difference in forgiveness despite loving their look and feel.
  3. I don't work in the golf industry and don't have a pga Superstore nearby. Not saying they were right or wrong. But if you found a nice deal online, why didn't you just pull the trigger and order as opposed to driving 60 miles?
  4. It's all about the preferred trade off, as I've played both. AP1 will be slightly more forgiving and consistent. With the AP2 you lose a little bit of consistency and distance but get that great feel of forged equipment, ability to work the balll more, etc. i don't try to work the ball a ton and don't hit it very far, so AP1 was my choice .... Until I got fitted for Callaway XR irons a while back -- which I hit better than both AP models for whatever reason.
  5. My current index is 10.3 and just got fitted. Was playing Titleist AP1 for the last three years, which I was fitted for back then. Just went in last week with no expectations, just wanted to see what I hit best. For me, the Callaway XRs were by far the best -- a club longer than the rest (a couple TMAG options, a Mizuno cavity back, Ping G30, and newer AP1). With regard to your budget, maybe you could find some used on eBay. Obviously would recommend hitting some at a golf retailer first.
  6. Rather than buy new wedges, I'd just stay down on the ball.
  7. At minimum, I'd go to a retailer and hit some in the bay or simulator to compare against the classic Zings. I trust you'll like the newer technology.
  8. @aviva Another Texas guy here. I have a pair of black FJ winter gloves and love 'em. Best 20 bucks I've spent, though only needed them once thus far in Houston.
  9. Like any other driver, we should test it well and/or be fitted before pulling the trigger. I've got an SLDR (12*). I messed with it a bit but reverted back to the neutral settings and am pleased. I picked up some distance (would guess 8-10 yards on average) over my Ping G20. Like the look. Like the trajectory. What I like most is the lower spin. Balls don't seem to get as crooked as before if I hook or cut unintentionally and I KNOW it doesn't balloon into the wind like previous drivers I've owned. All that said, there are others obviously who have hit SLDR drivers and can'
  10. A couple guys I play with (both in the 5-7 handicap range) were fitted closer to your setup -- i.e. stiff with driver, 3-wood, hybrid but regular shafts in their irons. And I know they both have more club head speed than me. I've never had a lesson in my life. It's a compact swing, which I think is a little quick with the transition and load. Maybe that's the reason I felt better with the S300's.
  11. @Playah No, I didn't take demo sets on the course. We relied on the Trackman, which obviously was hit outdoors. Yes, I hit the R300 a bit further (sometimes), but nothing significant. I'm no great player and my swing obviously isn't grooved like a tour player or anything. But compared to the S300, my swings with the R300 were less consistent in terms of both distance and accuracy. Hitting the 6-iron, R300's would go anywhere from mid-150's to mid-160's and the S300 seemed to consistently hang right in the middle. At the end, we switched back and forth -- hitting a few with one, an
  12. @RaCs I was fitted for the first time a couple years ago. Though I certainly thought highly of Titleist equipment, I didn't go into the fitting with any preference as to OEM or model -- I just wanted the best "fit" for me in terms of look, feel, and of course performance. The training center I went to isn't "married" to just one or two OEMs, so they literally tried several options with me -- Taylormade, Titleist, Nike, Adams, Callaway, etc. I ended up with the Titleist AP1 (712) and have zero regrets. Regarding the shaft, my situation was very similar to yours both in terms of highe
  13. I really like the multi-compounds with cords because I prefer not to wear a glove. And in hot humid Houston summers, they may a big difference compared to some others. I like how those feel -- a LOT. Used to have them on my driver/3 wood/hybrid. But I found them to wear much quicker than multi-compounds. My grip pressure might be a little firm, but it's not like I'm squeezing the shite out of the club or anything.
  14. Exactly why we should hit 'em before buying. Like you said, I'd be about 99% sure the shaft was the difference. Guess I'm lucky the SLDR S's Fukijura "fits" me.
  15. I've messed with some others but always liked the Golf Pride multi-compounds the most overall. I had this version on my irons and driver for probably two years before they started looking dirty (probably 75-80 rounds), but they were definitely in need of replacement. Recently put these on. A little color without being gaudy.
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