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  1. Everyone, inluding the players on the LPGA are really just sick of seeing her on tv every week. The LPGA does not need her as a side show they have plenty of great players that are drawing more crowds than Wie ever has, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, and not to mention Natalie Gulbis. Good thing is all these girls know how to play are good!! No more side shows, if the LPGA wants more respect, stop doing this kind of stuff and start having better tournaments. Yeah they dont hit the ball 300+ yards, but the Trump International was an amazing tournament to watch, I liked watching that more than t
  2. X-forged are'nt the easiest clubs to hit, I also hit the S-58's a little easier to hit. If you are going to spend the moeny I'd hit every club you possibly can, cuz thats what i did. I ended up with the R7 tp's, they look and feel like a blade at address, but are still very forgiving, plus they are sweet lookin.
  3. I would have to say TalyorMade, new drivers, new irons, and the fact that it seems like they sponsor half of the PGA tour. For second I would have to say Callaway, I mean lately it seems like Titleist hasn't really been doing much. Every golf shop I go in to only has maybe one or 2 sets of Titleist irons and a full rack of drivers, it just seems that they are lagging now. Thoughts?
  4. I live in south florida, just move here, end of story.
  5. I live in SFL too and I understand what you're going through. I would go to a local shop and just try and get the feel for a bunch of different grips, because its really all up to you.
  6. I've hit almost all the Scotty Cameron putters, my friends have them, but I still do not understand what the big deal is about them. Is it just a marketing ploy to make us "think" they are worth $300. I'll take my spaulding putter over one any day, thoughts?
  7. It's probably not a chip, it's most likely a card protector, so you dont accidentally reveal your cards when involved in a hand. (yes i play poker)
  8. I really dont see him making the tour, playing good is one thing, but playing good under pressure is a whole different story, i still defend what I said along time ago.
  9. I planned on doing this to my dad this weekend. I work at golf course and I'm gonna grab empty pro v box form the trash and "surprise" at the tee and put it on the tee for him and tell him to rip it! Thats the best idea I've xome up with for getting the ball on the tee, without him knowing so far.
  10. Yeah I'm not a fan of the white belts, I think it has to much of a 70's style and just looks goofy espcially with black pants. White pants arent that bad if you are in good shape and are somewhere like down here (florida), but guys like Davis Love need to give up the white pants and stick to a classy look, only the younger guys can pull off the the "modern" golf look. Classy is always the way to go.
  11. Well one thing is that almost everyone in Florida is not from Florida, there are tons of European and Latin/hispanic golfers that adopt their styles to the golf course. Bright colors are pretty much the only thing u can wear to stay cool down here, if if its the middle of summer and u walk on the course with even a black polo on you'll regret it.
  12. Thats exactly what I was thinking, don't take advice from people that go just on looks, espacially if its the head cover lol. Different drivers are made for different handicaps, thats one thing that ppl do not realize. Yes the sumo is kind of an annoying sound but who cares about that if you're in the fairway everytime. I'm not a big callaway guy, and did not like the R7 superquad at all even though it looks cool and all. I would go with the 460cc Nike Sumo it's a great club, or one the new cobra's great club at address.
  13. You mentioned everything EXCEPT what bag lol, oh and the superquad is sorry.
  14. Exactly i never have to pay for range balls, greens fees, and get eveything "at cost", the pay isn't great but I'm in college and still live at home so I don't need much.
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