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  1. "On the tee from South Afcria, Annie Els!"
  2. Hi, I finally got around to filming my swing today and I would love some feedback from you guys. I've never seen my swing on video before and it's been eye-opening. A few points I've considered: My grip seems really strong Is my swing too steep? Weak impact position Not enough weight shift You can't see the ball because of the mat divider, but I hope the video's not completely useless. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  3. Take a look at this: http://www.ping.com/pdfs/PING_Color_Code_Chart.pdf
  4. Is no one liking the beard?
  5. The bugs seem to be connected to the US-only live coverage, it works fine (including live coverage) through a proxy or VPN.
  6. Won't it feel weird without the weight of a club?
  7. Ryan Moore .