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  1. I can't speak to the flip covers but I have a BAK revolver (hard shell roll up) cover on my Tacoma. Works well, no leaks into the bed, I would definitely buy it again. I chose roll up over a flip, mainly because I didn't like that the rear window was blocked with the flip cover fully open. The roll up cover is no higher than the rear head rest when open.
  2. I did the same.
  3. Love the first picture. I will add it to my rotation.
  4. I use a mash-up of companies. Under Armour storm pants, Ping short sleeve pull over, Sun Mountain long sleeve jacket. The Ping jacket is more water resistant than water proof but has worked well. I much prefer short sleeve jackets if the temp allows, I seem to get too bound up in long sleeve jackets. If I was buying new gear, I would lean towards the Rainflex or Tour Series.
  5. Well done! Good luck at the national championship.
  6. I play Wishon wedges and driver. Each club was purchased through a local fitter and I went through a two separate fittings; one each for the wedge set and driver. Mainly because they were purchased months apart, but I'm really happy with them and have no issues with quality or performance.
  7. The Roebling Bridge here in Cincinnati was the unofficial test run for the Brooklyn Bridge; note their similarity. I've been a part of the design team for 2 cable stayed structures. Pomeroy-Mason and Ironton-Russell, both over the Ohio River, and both using a similar design has the Cooper River shown earlier. Long span bridge design is by nature "cutting edge", but bridge owners do not like to be cutting edge for fear of maintenance problems. A perfect example is the East section of the Bay Bridge. The self anchoring design is a first in the US and the designers and contractors are learning as they go and the state is paying the price for the experiment. The artistic, curved structures are more common in Europe and Asia because of looser building codes, construction practices, and willingness to try newer materials like carbon fiber. Not to mention they are a b*tch to design. Ohio is doing a study on carbon fiber prestressing strands vs steel strands, unfortunately the cost for carbon fiber is currently 4X that of steel. State DOT's do not have room in their funding to increase costs by 4, so we tend to stick with what is known to work.
  8. Great seeing everyone this weekend, I had a blast as always. Hope everyone made it home without issue. Thanks @Rob Thompson for hosting and @iacas for organizing. Looking forward to the next one.
  9. @iacas Both (0.0) @Jeremie Boop Both (17.3) @mcanadiens Both (x.x) @saevel25 Both (4.2) @vasaribm Both (14.3) @Slice of Life Both (19.1) @GolfLug Both (x.x) @georgep Both (8.1) @Hardspoon Both (24.3) @macdaddy18 Both (x.x) @Buckeyebowman Sunday (x.x) @Divot Master Both (x.x) @dave s Sunday (x.x) @dave s Dennis Sunday (x.x) open open
  10. The abnormal ground conditions rule is full of OR statements; i.e. ball OR stance OR line of play not necessarily all 3 together. If he was seeking relief for the ball or line of play, why does it matter where he stands. If he was asking for relief for his stance then, I would agree he did not take the proper relief, but as for relief for the lie of the ball, it seems to me he did so fully. Yes, this is along the lines of what I was trying to say.
  11. I have not seen what Jordan showed the RO, but my opinion is he did take full relief. The ball is not touching the water, the water is not on his intended swing path; so we are debating whether his toes over the water "interferes" his stance the same as it did originally. Again, without seeing the initial condition, it appears OK to me.
  12. When does the 10 sec clock start for rule 16-2?
  13. He did. 3 putt par at the par 5 3rd hole...
  14. @iacas @Jeremie Boop Both @mcanadiens (definitely Sunday. Will check on Saturday) @saevel25 Both @vasaribm Both