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  1. You have that backwards. Poulter won 6 & 5
  2. How the numbers are presented definitely leads to setups being too hard. It would be interesting to see the LPGA let a few courses play "easier" and see the response.
  3. Johnny is giving himself 12 years to make a PGA Tour event. What could go wrong... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/johnny-manziel-professional-golf-career-nfl-cleveland-browns
  4. Sent you message. I only need Saturday, but willing to share.
  5. I'm in for both days. Saturday (Practice) at CHQ: @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @Carl3 @vasaribm Sunday (Playing) TBD: @saevel25 @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @vasaribm
  6. I agree with @David in FL, don't change your methods they just need to play better. Assuming you are playing the same course each week, you could develop any formula your heart desires but the net result won't change. As long as the formula is applied to everyone, stroke adjustments will be uniform, and you will still have the complainers.
  7. Check out the Hamilton County courses... Vineyard, Mill Course, Sharon woods are all great. The county courses are better than most of the CRC courses in my opinion. In Northern Kentucky , Lassing Pointe is a good one. If you are up for small competition look into the Ohio Valley Golf Association. Single day, flighted tournaments at a different course each week within the region. I play with this group and everyone is great and laid back, its a fun time. If nothing else, take a look at the website and tournament list, it will give you an idea of the courses in the area.
  8. Always interested in an outing. Deer Ridge is 2.5 hrs from me, not very attractive for a week night. At that distance, a couple rounds over a weekend works better. I'm not available 7/22 but will keep it in mind if anything changes.
  9. I agree it's goal tending by the letter of the rule. At full speed though that's a tough call and Lebron will almost always get the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't say Indiana should have won, since Lebron's 3 still wins the game if goal tending is called. It could have changed the Cavs last play call though. Rub of the green... This is not as bad as the missed shot clock violation at the end the Celtics game a couple nights ago.
  10. Loose impediment on the green can be moved without penalty, and the shot was from off the green so hitting the flagstick is no issue. Move the twig, if the ball falls in its holed.
  11. vasaribm


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