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  1. +1 for this Drill. Super drill that I start my practice time with. Get that weight forward and hitting the ball first into the "noggin" - reinforcement right at the start is great.
  2. Great topic on practicing correctly. I see poor practicing in the other sport I participate in, as well as poor practice at the driving range. I also think each person should get to know what type of learner they are. Some learn better by watching someone else, some learn better in a group, some learn better by themselves. Some need to know EVERY LITTLE DETAIL and every inch of position in the swing. Some just need to know an overall goal and will choke on too much detail. Some people LOVE drills and really benefit from them, some just cannot do a drill by themselves unless they have video and/or coaching enforcement. Video, no matter who the student is, will help with "Perception is not Reality" problems. They think they are doing something, yet the coach is saying they are not, and the argument could go on and on. A quick video review proves the point in question. So getting a student to "practice the right way" according to their learning skills, should also be part of the "S's" - just cannot think of an "S" word to put here LOL :)
  3. I have similar swing speed and the chart Iacas posted falls right in line with my numbers when getting fit for a driver: ClubSpeed Ball Velocity Launch Angle Ball Spin Carry Distance Total Distance Angle of Attack 93.8645871 137.7493304 15.26484375 2315.478795 220.0897321 243.1845982 5.215625 These numbers were near the end of last year and I plan on going back and seeing where I am at this year as I work on my swing/game.
  4. Right now I own the Callaway Octane Driver and the Octane fairway wood. Due to back issues, could not play until the end of the golf season last year for about 8 rounds. I was hitting the Octane Driver well, but noticed that my ball flight was very high. I had the stock Grafalloy Project X 5.0 (regular Flex) shaft. Two years ago, had some numbers on the launch monitor with my coach. Summary of that session and then the recommendation of purchasing the Octane. ClubSpeed Ball Velocity Launch Angle Ball Spin 93.8184375 137.68125 15.815625 2278.40625 Here is the info on the Octane driver. Loft Lie CC Face Angle Available In Length Swing Weight 9.5° 57° 460 Square RH Only 46 D4 The shaft is 60 weight, Mid Torque, Low Kick point. I was considering either changing the shaft, or getting the newer X-Hot driver as that shaft (Project X again) has a slightly higher kick point. While I seem to be on the border with my swing speed, I was going to stick with the Regular flex shaft. I have always liked the Callaway Drivers/Woods, so will probably stick with this brand. Thanks.
  5. Last year I added a 5H to my bag and removed my 5 iron. It was a very good move for myself and my game. I now use: Driver, 3W, 5W, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6-9, PW, GW, SW, Putter - Found I used my 5W more than my Lob Wedge
  6. The concern I have with the new RAZR Black is the 1 degree open for the 8.5 and 9.5 drivers. Where my 9.5 Octane is Square. Also wondering the difference between the Octane shaft (Project X) and the Black shaft (Fujikura Motore F8) but the shafts have same weight, same torque, and same kick point.... I guess the best way to see is go hit some and see how it goes for me and my game...
  7. I had the same experience with the R9 when I changed to the Diablo Octane last year. Better distance, better control, better dispersion pattern. Now I am considering the new Razr Black to replace the Octane. Not sure if it is worth the change or not.
  8. Shelly Manne and his Men - Live at the Black Hawk
  9. Better sound quality is a very subjective thing. Some like more treble (highs) some like more bass (lows). Entymotics are some of the best Ear Buds available for sound quality and exterior sound rejection. If you think the ones above are expensive for $60, they have two other HIGHER models above the MC5. FWIW, the MC5 has some very good sound for the price. Here is how you should buy audio hardware. Set a price point, try to listen to AS MANY models as you can. Decide which YOU like best, and buy them. Monster? Would not even consider them....
  10. Finding the right instructor for you and your game is a trial and error process. Each of us learns differently and we need to find an instructor who can teach us in a way we understand so we can attempt to perform the task at hand. If one feels they are not getting proper teaching from instructor "A", then switch to instructor "B". Simple. If instructor "A" gets bent/mad that you changed to "B", then they are not a good instructor. Now with the internet, lower prices cameras, and video watching software, almost anyone can watch their performance, compare against what they see on TV, YouTube, etc. etc. and then try to change their game to match. Some may be able to do it this way. In my experience with sports and coaching, you will progress much faster working with a certified instructor who meshes and blends with you, your personality, and your way to learn. If you think you can find an instructor, take one lesson, not practice, and expect your scores to get better, then you have the wrong idea about lessons. Changing a motor skill in sports takes a serious amount of time and effort by both parties to be able to make the change. As you learn, you will be fighting your unconscious memory/muscle memory, hence you will struggle to perform these new tasks. And a good instructor will be able to fine tune their instruction to match with your learning abilities. One of the biggest issues people have when learning is "what you perceive you are doing, and what you REALLY are doing", is usually two different things (perception is not reality). This is where a good coach will give you proper DRILLS to help you learn your new task quicker. Look at some of the drills IACAS and other owners of the site do in their videos. For instance: They do not just tell a student to shift their weight forward in the downswing, they initially use DRILLS to help them get the feel, then progress from there.
  11. This is the best way to handle your issues. See a Sports Orthopedics doctor if you can. They can easily diagnose your issues and more than likely send you to PT. The PT people will be able to isolate the muscles in question and give you the PROPER exercises to stretch and strengthen your affected area. After a few PT sessions you will have the hang of the exercises and will be able to continue them at home. Remember, once the pain subsides, stay the course and keep up with the exercises as back issues will return if ignored.
  12. People and Lessons....no matter what the sport... People think if they take a lesson they will MIRACULOUSLY transform over night. They do not realize the time and effort required with making physical changes. Lessons and making change will take time and effort as I stated above, but your ability to perform above the level you were before, will go up and down like a roller coaster. One week you are ready to join the Tour, and the next week you are ready to take up Tiddly Winks. :) Stay the course as old habits creep in VERY QUICKLY, where new habits take much longer. If you are thinking of taking lessons, be ready to commit yourself - time and effort, and realize physical changes take time to ingrain into your subconsciousness. How much time? Really depends on the individual. One last thing...do not hesitate to change coaches if you feel you and your coach just do not click. Sometimes it take time to find the right person to jell with your type of learning capabilities. Are you analytical and need to know each and every step and why? Do you need to see something demonstrated in order for you to understand it? And many more items on learning (search Funderstanding on the net for some information). Understanding how YOU learn, is crucial, and your coach should be trying to unwrap the inner you and how you learn best.
  13. 9.5 Callaway Diablo Octane, Regular Flex Project X 5.0, Ping Gold Grips
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