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  1. I've been trying to break 90 for a few years now. I've had a couple 90s and a few 91s, too, but never sub-90. Playing Sunday at a local muni, and had a pretty normal (bad) front 9, but picked it up on the back. Almost holed out from the fairway for an eagle on 11. Got to 17 with an 81. My score-keeping app was telling me "Projected score: 90". F you, app. I'm breaking 90 today. I had a par 3 and a par 4 left. 17 is a par 3 with a tiny green and a mound on the left side of the green that bounces balls right onto a patch of ground that is always covered in leaves and pine needles, and left under some trees where you have to bounce your chip into the mound to get it to stop before it rolls over the green into all the pine needles and leaves on the other side. So of course, i block it right (82) and I have a horrible lie whereafter I blade my pitch shot over the green (83) to under the trees on the left. Angry with myself, but still thinking that I can save it. That is, until I hit my chip too enthusiastically into the mound, but over the tiny green (84). Again. Chip from the right side of the green (85) to a foot for a 5 (86). Get to 18 tee thinking a birdie wasn't out of reach. Knew I needed to be in the fairway though, so I thought I'd hit my 5i off the tee that I'd been hitting pretty well all day. Chunked it 30 yds in front of me (87). Hit a good 3W to get flag high to the right of the green (88). So I know 90 is out of reach unless I hole the pitch shot. The flag is just on the edge of the top back portion of the green. Pitch ends up short on the green and on the level below the flag about 15 ft away (89). Of course, then I hole the putt for an even 90. I really hate this game sometimes.
  2. shot a 91 today. but, if you look at my scorecard from today, you'll notice i 3-, 4-, and 5-putted. a lot. i just could not find the speed of the greens, a few of them had spike marks and old hole locations out the wazoo. just straight up nasty. if i 2-putt every time that i 3-, 4-, or 5-putted, i end up with a 79. this is possibly the most frustrating game ever.
  3. posted a new personal best sunday, but still one stroke short of my goal for last/this year (breaking 90). posted a 90 even. shot a 41 on the back nine and i didn't even feel like i was having all that great of a round, so i'm really excited to see what i can do this weekend. the 41 included an 8 on a par 4 where i topped my drive, and it shot left hitting a tree. recovery shot was also topped and in the water. still had 2 double bogeys and a triple, but i can almost live with those scores. i cannot live with an 8. also, didn't 1-putt a single green and had 2 3-putts. so i know i'm leaving a lot of strokes out there. but i'm optimistic!
  4. pushed a drive straight right to the adjacent fairway and had about 190 to a flag on the left of the green. there was a clearing in the trees that gave me a perfect line to the flag from the other fairway. stepped up and hit a beautiful straight 3 iron right at the pin. bounced on the front collar and rolled to 2 ft. sank it for birdie!
  5. Hi guys, I have had an idea rolling around in the back of my head for a while now, and I'm trying to see if there is even a market for what I would like to do. I would really appreciate the help of all the golfers in Houston by taking 5 minutes out of your day to answer a few quick and painless questions for a survey I am conducting. http://freeonlinesurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=9cyg5tdzft6dajg1016366 Mods, if this is against forum rules, my apologies. Thanks!
  6. shot 91 2x's this weekend. soooo sooo close to breaking 90!! would have had it easily yesterday, but i 4-putted after getting a GIR on a par 3 and put 2 in the water on another hole. could have had a comfortable 86 or so if i had just bogeyed the hole with 2 in the water (ended up carding an 8) and had 2 putts on the hole where i 4-putted. i know it's all coming together slowly though and i can tell my game is improving. also, over the weekend played the course we'll be playing this upcoming weekend in my golf league. had my first birdie in what seems like a year (nice drive 260 along the right edge of the fairway leaving 140 to an elevated pin over water. pulled the approach but the green sloped left to right and i had a tap in for birdie). next hole i holed out from 50 yards or so. would have been nicer if it wasn't for a bogey (1 in the water after hooking the drive and punched out from the ditch without getting a good aiming point to the fairway above me, ended up behind a tree and had to chip out to ~50 yds..) overall, very good golf weekend.
  7. goals for 2012: 1. break 90. this is actually a left-over goal from 2011. i came really close a week or so ago by shooting a 91, so i'm thinking this one should be pretty easy. 2. practice more. 3. break 90 at least 5 times. 4. card at least 10 birdies over the course of the year. i don't think this should be a problem, despite my last birdie being about 8-9 months ago. yesterday, i missed 3-4 very make-able birdie putts just because i kept thinking "don't leave it short/don't push it/don't pull it/etc..." 5. have at least 1 round with no score over double bogey. this is going to be the hardest one, i'm sure, but it will keep me motivated. i look at my scorecards and just shake my head about what could have been if i could at least limit my blowup holes to 1 per side, or even more awesome would be 1 per round. this probably will fall into place if i can... 6. settle on ONE swing motion/theory/movement/thought and stop fiddling around.
  8. sure, i guess i wasn't really commenting so much on how awesome the club is, but that i think it's crazy to hit a 3W that far.
  9. everyone should check out the video of dustin johnson hitting the RBZ 3W. his last shot in the video is like 330, 300 carry or something silly like that. jaw, meet floor.
  10. L - writing R - everything else, golf, baseball, basketball, soccer etc. I've always been confused about hearing from people which side should be dominant in the golf swing and tried both, but I've found that I'm much more consistent when the left side dominates. Don't know if it helps that I'm left handed or not (not that my hdcp would indicate that anyways... ).
  11. ordered a pair of the ecco street a few days ago from one of those golf-deal-groupon type sites. looking forward to trying them out. hoping they get here by the weekend so i can give them a good workout on the course. i walk all the time, and i figure if anyone knows what a comfortable shoe is, it's freddy couples and his bad back.
  12. saw that this thread got bumped again. still back with my tommy armours. i'm contemplating taking the blades out again, just because the weighting of the club is soooo much nicer, and i love the DG S300 shafts in them. i really don't anticipate it hurting my game too much since my driver is still by far the worst club in my bag.
  13. 2 shirts on sale, a swing weight (which somehow i have already misplaced), and alignment sticks. not a trip, per se, but i just ordered online the fairwaypro mat and some ecco street golf shoes. super psyched!
  14. has anyone tried the fairway pro? www.fairwaypro.com looks like a really cool mat, and amazon has them for $159 right now.
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