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  1. Hey Philly fans you might want to check out your hockey websites.....Carter and Richards gone......But you did get back and sign Voracek, Schenn, Simmonds and Bryzgalov.....Im a Rangers fan and I dont know how to feel about this.....
  2. RIP Derek Boogard.... You will be missed not just by Ranger & Wild fans but by all hockey fans.....
  3. Ok in my opinion the hit was unfortunate but Chara did not intentionally try to injure Pacioretty .. Chara finished a check period...If he let up Pacioretty might have gone around him for a breakaway... One thing I have heard from anyone and don't understand is WHY THE HELL IS THERE NO PADDING ON THE STANCHION.....Nobody seems to take this into account....
  4. My clubs are 9.5 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 25 - 28 - 32 - 36 - 40 - 45 - 50 - 54 - 58. Gaps - as close to 4* I can get. If you go with 2 wedges 51* and 56* - keep the 3iron and get an 18* hybrid Or 3 wedges 50* - 54* - 58* no 3 iron and get a 19* or 20* hybrid. P.S.you will always be confused and wont get any better...haha
  5. I might need to have the lie angles adjusted on my clubs, they are the Talyormade R7s. What is the most that they can be bent?
  6. It just seemed Distance was better, Dispersion was way better by almost half, its light but could really feel where the head was and it just felt amazing like I was hitting cotton balls. Also its winter here---those numbers with the 9064LS are better than my mid season numbers from last year when I was playing well....
  7. My launch angles we always around 14.7 - 15.1 - 14.9 etc I cant remember my backspin but it was always a little high. I had 2 shots where the launch angle was 11.2 & 11.7 and they ended up at 289 & 291 which were the 2 best shots I hit. I just want to make sure the launch moniter isnt just making me look good so I buy the club... .
  8. The Launch monitor I was using at golf galaxy wasnt giving me my SS, I was using my normal swing speed with my R7(which is 104) and average like 265yds, and I was testing the Adams 9064LS so in theory I could have been swinging with a faster swing speed just due to the areodynamics of the 9064LS.(4mph faster would be 109) I was only hitting the new R11 that I was also testing on average 267yds. So with what your saying and logic I am going to come to the conclusion I am swinging the 9064LS faster than my R7 resulting in more distance - So this means im going to be out $299 becau
  9. Ok ave been testing out new drivers and dont know where my numbers should be - do these seem correct? SS - 105 Launch angle - 14.7* Ball Speed - 157 Distance - 285 And I know my backspin was alil high - I think it was like 3200rpm I have a very high ball flight.
  10. I would love to see the shot-tracker used more.... I'm not some big traditionalist that is afraid of change but I can just see network execs sitting there with a focus groups of Jersey Shore rejects trying to figure out how to use the technology to capture this "up and coming" target audience. You had to bring Jersey into this!!!
  11. These injuries are getting out of hand..I can't wait for Cally to come back....As of yesterday - 177 games missed due to injury...
  12. Love the look of them just can't sink a putt.. Im have an Inside Down the Line Stroke and a Anser style putter works best for me .But if im missing the putts right a #9 style helps me close the face ..
  13. I went to Golf Galaxy the other day and tried the some putters out and the Cleveland Platinum Black CC2 putter might be one of the best putters I have ever used.. The feel is ridiculous, the look is great, it rolls the ball dead on, but the best part is its only $79.99!!!!!!!!This might be only of the best deals out there right now if it was a sale but it's not it's the regular price.... I dont talk up alot of equipment but I really had to mention these putters do yourself a favor and give these a chance you wont regret it.... I can't wait to go back this week to pick it up.....
  14. Im very handy and like to tinker around with stuff all the time and I was wondering if anyone else have made anything to help improve their game.. If so please list maybe it would help othes! I have cut down one of those noodle pool toys (about 3ft) to lay on the ground to help with the swing path of my driver. I lay it down next to the ball on a staight line or slightly angled for a draw and if I hit the noodle I know my swing path is off.. Works similar to driveway markers, but this will indicate path and will imediatly show any mistakes becuase the noodle will move.. (I saw a
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