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  1. A belly isn't normally any longer than a driver... They're normally only 45" at most. Its a broomstick thats the longer one
  2. Going by what you said I'd give the Graman UL780 a whirl. Great shaft.. Nice price too
  3. Hell no thats the only reason I can putt !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. kiwidave


    I thought itwas the next 49 after the PGA quailfiers got Nationwide cards
  5. really nice but pricey so I'll pass. I prefer Puma, just as nice but cheaper
  6. 56' purespin and it was a machine, man I loved it till some %$$## stole it. TM rac now
  7. Dunno who, but then again Els and Toms are both off contract and leaving.
  8. I'm going to have too say the TM 510 TP, now that thing was money. Great feeling clubhead and I loved the sound of it. There getting a bit hard to find a decent one now though.Still regret selling it. Another would have to be the 975D
  9. srixon already have a Top 2 player in Furyk
  10. It does actually work though. I tried one day just for a laugh
  11. The Graf Blue is one of the boardiest shafts on the market, slightly more than the 757 esp in a bore thru head . the lighter shaft will increase your SS prob, not by much though. It's worth a try I suppose
  12. Mate just have fun, its only scramble so don't put to much pressure on your self!!
  13. Personally and I don't mind mind being the first to say but i actually the preferred the Adams over both of them, sure it wasn't as forgiving as the others but that wasn't what I was looking for. The Adams was just easier to alter the ball flight with..... That be said I still carry my TM Tp 16' and my Alpha 22', still the A2 would be great with ashaft i liked more
  14. Honestly mate going by your sig you already have one of the best FW's on the market in your bag.. I'd also recommend the old Steelhead III's
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