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  1. For those of you that perform clubfittings or have had them done, do you find any advantage in doing it outside so that you can see the flight of the ball? I personally might do a clubfitting inside if the clubfitter came well recommended, but I would prefer doing something outside so that I could see the ball flight instead of an interpretation of the flight from a computer. Thoughts? Jorgesgolf
  2. That sounds like a good deal. I'm a little surprised that one could get a fitting for as little as $30, but I also imagine that in addition to the price, there is also variability in what the fitting entails. Leek, did you also find that different places did their fittings differently and some provided say, multiple iron configurations (different shafts from which to try), whereas others just did a loft and lie test and sent you on your way (Hotstix not counting of course b/c that it really top of the line)? I also did a driver "fitting" at a Golfsmith recently and was not impressed. Firs
  3. A quick question: How much did this fitting cost (if you don't mind me asking)? How long did it take? Did you have any expectations about what was going to happen and did you shop around at all? Jorgesgolf
  4. I subscribe to Golf Digest and I enjoy the equipment reviews and instruction (except for David Leadbetter - "Find your swing chi" - Seriously?). I also like the columnists David Owen and the Golf Guru. Jorgesgolf
  5. I've always had Ping bags. I've had my current bag for 7 years. The Ping Hoofer has always looked the best to me. Jorgesgolf
  6. Can someone move this thread to the equipment section? I mistakenly put it here. Jorgesgolf
  7. I was reading the May issue of Golf Digest and in their "Equipment" section towards the back, they are explaining the differences in spin (RPM) between urethane-covered and surlyn-covered balls. Although there appears to be a difference between the two types of balls when struck with an 8-iron from the rough, they also say that Golf Digest testing shows that there is "almost not difference in driver spin." Is this true? Are we talking about side spin, the spin that causes the hooks and slices that plague the average golfer? That strikes me as surprising given that I would think that the pe
  8. Hey guys, I am a 3rd year grad student at Cornell. I use a combination of biochemistry and genetics to study proteins involved in the replication of DNA. Jorgesgolf
  9. The course that Tiger "owned" in years past is not the same course that he was presented with this time around. I saw a replay of the Masters from 2006 and the difference in the greens between 2006 and 2007 was incredible. Shots that were landing and sticking on 13 and 15 in 2006 were not even attempted this year due to the greens acting like concrete with astroturf overtop (at least for Thurs-Sat). I wasn't ready to hand the tournament over to Tiger after he made birdie at 2 because it seemed like he was treading water while there were at least 4 or 5 guys that were playing really well a
  10. Sorry Cleveland Gunmetal - I didn't see your post before I made mine. It's pretty much the same idea. Jorgesgolf
  11. I think what happened was that Tiger had the tables turned on him. As they noted in the telecast, Tiger wins majors by taking the lead and having everyone on the course know that he is not going to give any ground to the rest of the field. Therefore, those who are trailing are forced to hit shots in certain situations that may be more of a gamble or that they may not be fully comfortable with in order to catch up. Tiger wasn't playing at his best and the position that he was in on 15 in the right rough, 2 shots behind Zach Johnson (with Johnson playing 18 at that point after having bogeyed
  12. My experience was pretty similar. You will find that if you practice/play regularly, you will improve a great deal from where you are at right now. However, once you get into the single digit handicap range, your improvement is in much smaller increments. Also, the focus of your practice will also have to evolve as you get to a lower handicap. At a high handicap, making improvements in your full swing will reduce your handicap sharply. As your handicap get lower, practicing your short game and wedge game from 100 yards and in will be the main way to improve further. I had my handicap dow
  13. When I got caught waiting on the tee in high school, we would play "The Tee-box game." Basically, it goes like this - everyone takes the club that they are going to hit off of the tee that you are waiting on. Using that club, you stand next to one tee marker and try to chip to the other tee marker. If you successfully hit that tee marker, you get to chip again and then go try and hit the other tee marker. If not, your turn is over and someone else chips. Once you have hit both tee markers with your ball, you can then "hunt" the other balls and attempt to hit them. Again, you get one shot
  14. Yeah, I saw it - I don't think its that big of a deal though. You figure that Tiger's caddie was still raking the bunker and Tiger was away, so I think it's just courtesty. Jorgesgolf
  15. The other thing you gotta keep in mind is if its the weekend and the play is slow, chances are the guys in front of you are not the only ones that are dragging their butt. I've had people role up on me before and ask if they can play through. I say sure - but you're not going to get very far because I'm waiting, the people in front of me are waiting, the people in front of them... Jorgesgolf
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