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  1. This is a stupid discussion. Tell me, who gets to decide what is arbitrarily better for society? Obviously sports facilities of anykind could be demolished and turned into farmland or housing. Commercial districts? We could get rid of all of those if we all used the Internet or had the government supply us with goods. Schools? Online learning for all grades is a growing business... Roads? There are much more efficient ways to build roads in the city... Wouldn't it be great to live in a society like that? Fact is there is alot of land in America and we needed the land for farming the price o
  2. It was the Golf Digest "Experience Tour" Demo day so there wasn't really anywhere to trade it in unfortunately... If that makes sense. I was looking to get a 9.5* head anyways because of the aforementioned problems, then this thing fell into my lap :).
  3. Thanks for the help! Because I won it at a demo day I did get to try it out without actually unwraping mine. The current shaft is pretty terrible for me, besides being too long, its also way too soft and low kick. You kind of echoed my thoughts on the subject. I'm hoping the 2.0 head will play similar to the R9 460 with maybe a tad lower launch and spin, due to the decreased loft, plus it looks snazzy :P. With regards to the Aura Red and some of the others, do you find the torque to be an issue?
  4. I won a 9.5* Burner Superfast 2.0 (Brand New) at a demo day in the long drive competition, and wanted to go ahead and make it usable. I've currently got an R9 460 (10.5*) with a TM graphiced RIP 70s in it that plays about 45". I'm having a couple problems with my old setup that I wanted to fix with the new club. 1) The spin was alittle high. I am getting around 4500 RPM with the current set up and about a 14-15* launch angle. 2) If I put alittle extra into my swing I tend to get a bit of a pull, even when I make solid contact. (Might be a swing flaw, but I was thinking I might go for a
  5. I carry a light jacket for rain/cold, spikes and tool, torque wrench, masking tape (for use as impact tape on range), a water bottle, phone in left pocket w/ scorecard app, and cliff bar.
  6. For me, I can't remember the last time I duffed a shot so it barely moved. My miss most often is a slightly thin iron that often hits the right place on the green but doesn't stop like it should. I remember this one time a couple weeks ago where I completely lost my back foot on the down swing and still managed to hit the green with my 8 iron, but with a very long putt to go :/ On a similar note to what most people have observed from this thread, I also haven't had a double bogey in a long time, even with a bad shot or two on any gven hole. I think alot of it is knowing that the miss is an an
  7. I've got the cycling tan lines too. Very distinct, sharp lines where the jersey and bibs always stop. I never wear gloves when cycling, even racing, but thats not brecause of tan lines, just because I don't like the way it feels.
  8. I wear a glove the entire time, even while putting, habit I've had since high school. The cord grips on my clubs back then would have torn up my hands (and did) so a glove was always a requirement. Plus, if you don't wear a glove then how do you get the super cool "golfer tan line" where one of your hands is pale and the other quite dark?
  9. Real par-3 course vs not "real" par-3 course Perfect example: Real: Lakepark executive course in lewisville: holes between 125-190 (par 3s) w/ 1 par 4 (350ish I believe) Not "Real": North Texas golf center: Hole between 50-100yds most between 50 and 70yds The first I'd feel pretty good about a hole in one, the second, not really.
  10. It might "count". As in "Have you ever had a hole-in-one?" Answer: Yes. But, at least among all the people I play with, telling that story would just get a response along the lines of "Oh so technically a hole-in-one, but not really". To me that's like winning a fight with a handicapped person, or like a professional triathlete doing a small town sprint race and winning. While It's certainly a good shot, don't get me wrong, but If it were me, I wouldn't consider it a true hole-in-one for the purposes that people generally mean when they ask.
  11. I guess I'll be the only one to say it would not be as gratifying. Sure if the holes are 140+ then that's another thing, but an 85yd half-swing sand wedge? I don't think so. I've holed approach shots from longer than that, so getting a technical "hole-in-one" would honestly not mean anything. There is a course around here that is a 9-hole par 3 course with no hole greater than 100yds. There's no way it would be as gratifying for me as on a "real" par 3 course or a regulation course.
  12. You're still not following through with your left arm properly. Your left arm folds up right at impact and into your follow through. Your want to extend through the ball, instead of picking up the club at the end.
  13. Never, But I was playing Tour 18 in Dallas, and on #9 the simulation of #17 at TPC Sawgrass (Stadium course), I hit a perfect iron, landed it above the hole, spun it back where it lipped out! talk about heartbreaking.
  14. I currently have a TM driver, a ping wood, callaway irons, nike wedges and a cleaveland putter lol... If I had to make it down to one, I would probably go w/ Titleist just for overall quality, though I don't find them the best in any one category.
  15. Lots of people chugging the Haterade® in this thread sheesh... Anyway I'm 23 and drive the ball an average of 280ish w/ some into the 300s (GPS verified), depending on the course/conditions. I had the exact same problem a few months ago, with drives that were very high, and often slicing the ball onto other fairways. I did a couple things: 1) changed my driver swing completely - stopped the slicing for the most part, and made it much more consistent, you don't need a pro to tune up the swing either... 2) Bought a new driver - I was using a Cobra 12.5 degree driver beforehand, a
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