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  1. I was custom fitted to a 909 d2 driver and found the diamana blue and mitsubishi rayon shaft to hit it lower, the d2 head also let me work the ball!
  2. 260 yard 3 wood on par 5 15th 2nd shot to 3ft, tap in eagle!
  3. Shot 72 (+2) today, hit the ball so poorly though, not upto my normal ball striking! From 100yds in though i was on fire! 3 birdies in 6 holes on front nine! 4 out of 14 fairways and 10 out of 18 greens is not good though!
  4. I have been using the newport 2.6 for the last 2 weeks now! A very stable putter and likes a straight back and straight through stroke i found!
  5. U can have as much weight in ur club as u want!
  6. Hmmm, probs would be the YES c groove tracy putter! dont miss anything inside 10ft anymore!
  7. Hi my names is Nick im 18 and from the uk! Im doing an engineering apprenticeship but have an evening job working as a barman! Play golf everyday pretty much Been playing jus over 3 years now and play 7! Saw this site on google and thought i would pop in and say hi! HI!
  8. Yep always stretch! I didnt the day i tore my shoulder muscle on the 1st tee! It hurts! lol
  9. Well today was the 1st time i played since 24th october where i tore a shoulder muscle! surprisingly i shot 81, considering i havnt touched a club since then i was over the moon! Be glad to get back wo playing well again and lowering the handicap! Short game is rusty as f**k but give it a couple of weeks and itll be back to where i like it!
  10. Taylormade rac ht 3-pw stiff Love'em easy to use!
  11. Vokey spin milled 56.10 & 60.04 Vokey black nickel 52*
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