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  1. Hitting low wedges with back spin is simple to learn in my opinion.

    Place the ball level with your back foot, hands will automatically be forward of the ball.
    When you take away take it away a tad steeper than normal this makes you come in slightly steeper than normal causing to squeeze the ball and creating some meaningful back spin.
    Also dont swing flat out, 70-80% is your max with wedge shots!
  2. Couple of drills he can do to stop him coming over the top from the top downwards!

    1st is to use the headcover under the right arm drill, makes you stay in sink and makes sure yo bring down on plane! When you do this swing at an easier pace than normal!

    2ndly you need to find a grass range for this drill really! If you have a shaft or something with no head you can stick in the ground! Stick it in the ground behind the ball by about 9 inches on the exact line your going to hit down! This way your body has to make the club come from the inside!

    Hope that helps man! :D
  3. You have got a real solid swing there man nice!

    Couple of things though, your club face is shut at the top, is it seems you slice the ball your trying to combat that!

    Secondly you take the club outside the line on the takeaway which is the start of coming over the top! Try feeling like your dragging the club around your body rather than straight up!
  4. Ok there are a few things that you need to work on!

    Firstly your down swing is very steep. When im getting abit steep on the ball i use the headcover under the right arm pit helps me shallow my swings abit!

    Secondly on your downswing your decelerating on the ball, this causes your fats more than anything else, this is probably down to you swinging to far round your body and then realising that you could air mail the green so you subconsciously slow down to stop this!

    And last but not least, your take away is outside the line, i know this is not good because i used to do the same thing, when you take it outside the line your more than likely to either pull the shot if you flip your hands or hit a weak shot to the right! To correct this you need to feel like your dragging the club inside the line and around your body rather than straight up!

    Hope that helps :)
  5. I wouldnt say he is a sandbagger!

    over the last 6 months he has lost 9 shots through competitions only!
    Came second in our club chamionship medal! Only beaten by his brother haha!

    Now he is off 9.9 now quite crazy!

    11 shots in about 6 months!
  6. Evening all,

    It was my home clubs midweek stableford competition, i was paired with a 12 year old who plays off a 13 handicap. 1st green he has a 50ft putt for birdie and sinks it, from there on in he didnt miss a fairway a green and didnt make a double bogey all day! the course is best part of 6700 yards and this 12 year old only hits his drives best of 220 yds yet he manages to get the round the greens and gets up and down etc! After the front 9 holes he has 24 points!!!! He shot level par gross!

    Back 9 was more of the same really, fairway, green 2 putt. Coming down 18 he was only 2 over gross, god knows how many under nett, he ends up with a bogey for a 73 46 points!!!!!

    Was great to see but god damn it was annoying to watch haha!

    Oh i shot 75 37 points!

    Anyone else had an experience similar?

  7. Its nice sometimes to play with some people who are a higher handicap because you then dont have to compare your shots to someone of your own calibre so you just relax and swing more freely which most of the time works out in your advantage!

    There are 8 of us every saturday morning, 3 of them are in the 20's and i enjoy playing with them, not because they are high handicappers but because they are sound people who are there to have fun but take things a little serious (play for money)
  8. Evening all,

    it was my home clubs club championship today, i was paired with a 6 and 18 handicapper! On the 2nd hole the 18 handicapper hit SIX tee shots right out of bounds. When he finally got a ball in play he went and found his 1st ball he played off the tee and then tried to persuade me that you take a drop to make it then in bounds!!!!!!

    I mean come on, ive played golf with 9 year old kids who know the rules better than this guy! Just to think what else has he got wrong in competition and then gone on to take money etc!

    That is all

  9. 3 weeks ago was probably the most golf ive played in 5 years!

    Monday - 18 holes club knockout
    Tuesday - 18 holes
    Wednesday - 18 holes midweek stableford
    Thursday - 18 holes league match
    Friday - 9 holes
    Saturday - 36 holes county amateur championship
    Sunday - 36 holes county amateur championship

    Monday was a nice day off haha
  10. I have never been hit with a golf ball but i have hit someone with a golf ball!

    Playing a par 5 the group in front were on the next tee box 25 yds left of the green and i pulled my 3rd shot and it took a bounce before hitting a friend of mine in his back, had a nice bruise for a week from me, felt so bad i bought him a pint in the club house to apologize!
  11. I find taking a deep breath before shots helps calm me down!
    Dont think about the tournament or the people around you forget they're there and just go through your pre shot routine!
  12. To get to single figures like so many have said already its down to practice!
    When practising have a goal in mind, like have 20 balls and theres a green 140 yds out, try and get as many to land on there as possible!
    Putting chipping and pitching is everything though, without a decent short game you wont get far past a 9 really!
    I also believe having a good game plan is important, knowing which pins are easy to get to and if you miss the green easy to get up and down from! Sometimes just aiming for middle of the green and making a safe par when the pin tucked away!
    Also though i see so many people just mucking about on the course etc, theres nothing wrong with abit of banter but when its your turn to play take it seriously, have a pre shot routine, have a target and aim for it! I think thats the diffrence between the average joe and your single figure player!
  13. Texas scramble? What is that? I know it's net, but how are the shots figured out. I have seen a net 39 in a scramble by a team that totally bagged their handicaps.

    Texas scramble is where you pick the best shot from each position until the ball is in the hole basically!

    We had 4 in our team, we have to add all our handicaps together then divide it by 10 to get 10% allowance then minus from gross score! 39? jesus thts taking the proverbial!
    Great result, congratulations! Net or scr?

    Cheers lad!

    That was nett score! Then minus 10% of our total handicap! My home course is a 130 year old links course and no buggies are allowed on so its walk or walk! Took us just short of 3hrs 30mins to get round 18 holes!
  14. Thanks all for your replies!

    Ive found a personal trainer to help me, mainly working on core muscles on day 1 program and then working on legs and arms in day 2 program! Im already feeling it after yesterdays day 1 workout, my midsection is aching like hell and hurts if i cough haha! But as they say no pain no gain!
  15. Morning all!

    My home golf club had its early bird competition this morning held at 4:30 in the morning in texas scramble format!

    Me and my 3 other partners set a new low record round for scramble of 49.3!!!!! (par 70)
    We didnt miss a putt all morning the greens were running so true! We had 1 par, 16 birdies and an eagle!

    Who else finds texas scramble a good laugh when your playing well?

    That is all :D
  16. Have a couple from last couple of days too!

    Monday: Playing the 5th i drove the green (374 yds) to 6ft and made the eagle putt yay!

    Tuesday: 13th par 5 60 yard wedge shot, smacked the pin and fell straight in!!! Lucky otherwise i would of airmailed the green!

    Today: 18th, 190 yds 6 iron to an inch! felt soo good!
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