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  1. thank you all, I guess I'll have to see what I shoot when next season begins.
  2. hi all I am about 16 handicap player. I started golfing last year and my goal this year was to become a bogey player which I have accomplished. two weeks ago I played a single digit for the first time. It wasn't like +8 or +9. I actually played +4. From my personal point of view, I think it is because that I have played under the winter rule which allows players to pickup and clean the ball when the ball is stuck on the wet ground. I know it has to be played that way but I feel like I have played almost half of the game on a perfect lie. I have putted better than other round for sure but I still don't feel like it was a real single digit round. do you guys also score better playing under winter rules? I don't think I can play that score if I played during the summer on the same course.
  3. wow.... golfers dream home right there!!
  4. Played at Northview Canal yesterday I hit a 9 iron at 17th hole par3 139 yards and the ball dropped right behind the pin and backspinned right inside. my first hole in one ever!!!
  5. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but I hit a 41 + 35 today. I hit 2 eagles 1 birdie and one of the eagle was a hole in one from a 139 par 3 at Northview Canal in BC I am an average bogey player and I still can't believe it.
  6. Odyssey Black series i9 is what I use and works great~~~
  7. interesting post... I do avoid buying cheapest ones but I don't like spending like 250 on a golf shoes either. I don't know if I am right wrong but you have a point too.
  8. hello, I am currently fighting with one of my problem. I think I hit pretty long since my 7 iron carries about 170. I hit all my irons straight but hit them very high. you can say it is a good thing but on the windy day it is very hard to judge the distance and aim. I sort of know what my problem is. I tend to finish high. But when I try to finish lower my ball draws alot and becomes hard to control. stinger shots works sometimes but I don't want my normal swing to become like a stinger shot swing. can it be my shaft? I am currently using x-20 tour w/ project x flighted 6.0 any tips or ideas? thx
  9. terryxo

    My Swing (mdl)

    search for "reverse pivot" it seems like the problem in the swing from my point of view even though I am not in a position to help others yet.
  10. Another thing that I've noticed is that almost everyone who replied is below 15 handicap and I think more higher handicapped golfers should give us more comments~~~
  11. hmmm similar to my problem. my friends prefer white tee and I feel that I need to play from further to get enough practice on my longer clubs. If I play from white tee I only get to use driver from par 5's. I usually end up teeing off with my hybrid or long iron. But I usually play 4some and other 3 all plays from white. I know they won't mind me playing from back tee but like others say it kind of seem anti-social. I don't know but last week I finally stepped up and told them I would play from blue tee by myself and everyone ended up playing from the blue tee and ruined their game. I felt sorry for them and I don't think I will ask them to play from blue tees again. I am now getting used to playing golf by myself lol. It could be one of the solution? o.O? lol
  12. Hello people I am new here. I live in Vancouver area and started golfing last year. As a golfer who has never taken any lessons this forum is very helpful. Anyways nice seeing you all!!
  13. it is a very nice club. very solid and somewhat similar to x-20 tour
  14. good work but isn't it common for golfers to drop big from high hcp? I know it's hard as hell for low hcp
  15. I carry about 270 but about 15 HCP
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