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  1. My Swing (JusDec123)

    I'll get some better video this evening. I managed to prop my phone up against the tee box markers this morning at the course. I'd say my shot is a consistent low hook. No matter what degree driver I use, I get the same low flight. Very seldom do I slice.
  2. My Swing (JusDec123)

    I've been Playing Golf for: xxxxMy current handicap index or average score is: xxxxMy typical ball flight is: xxxxThe shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: xxxx Most of my drives are low hooks but do hit the occasional high slice or pop up. I can't figure this out and it's frustrating as heck. Going to call and schedule a lesson tomorrow. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. The Rant Thread

    Hey everybody, new to the forum but been playing golf for a while....anyways here are my rants: -not being able to play the course I live 2 minutes from because it's always $20 w/cart to play and first come/serve and the rounds usually take around 6-7 hours to play. -people not letting you play through. -arrogant and rude clubhouse employees who treat their members like crap. -poor course maintenance, 4-5 inch high patches of grass on the fringe of the green. Sorry, got kind of carried away.