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  1. Awesome! Armed with this information it should be a GREAT trip! Thanks everyone for the feedback and assistance! DB
  2. Fellow TST'rs, I am responsible for operating 12 golf leagues (approximately 250 golfers total) at a large private organization. I am looking for an external-hosted service and/or software that runs on a mobile platform and can handle live score posting (across multiple leagues) and handicapping. Does anyone know if such software exists, or can make a recommendation? All I can find that is close is GolfLeagueGenius.com at approximately $15/player per season. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! DB
  3. Thanks for the thoughts and hopefully if things work out, we'll be out of this Central Ohio frost by then and posting scores in Pinehurst that week! I would love to play Pine Needles, but when searching those dates it seems that all the tee times have been booked (or held) by the resort. Any other recommended courses in the area or suggestions? It's looking like Talamore, Mid-South, Tobacco Road, National, and Tot Hill are on the radar for us on this trip. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Sounds like a great idea! Hopefully I can also locate some recent reviews around that time as well. Probably nothing a phone call down to the course can't take care of.. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking at heading down to the Pinehurst / Sandhills area for some golf over Masters Weekend (4/10 - 4/13). I have never played Pinehurst in the early Spring and am a little concerned about course conditions (aerification) and dormant, yellow Bermuda grass. Has anyone played in the Sandhills of NC around this time period who can help alleviate my concerns before I ask my buddies to shell out some cash and committ? The average daily temp for mid-April is in the low 70's, which sounds ideal. However, I recently learned that for Bermuda grass to come out of dormancy, the ground temp needs to reach and sustain 65 degrees Farenheit. I would rather save my $$ for a later trip than play or dormant fairways (browned-out) that haven't been overseeded. Is there anything else I should consider for this time of year? Course reccomendations? I've played and enjoyed Talamore, Mid-South, National, Tobacco Road, and Tot Hill Farm (on the trip down). I've heard rumblings about Pine Needles and Dormie Club, but never had the opportunity. I would be open to adding a new course or two in the rotation.. Any advice or guidance you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks all for your help! DB
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