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  1. When I was first looking or a golf forum online it was the sand trap's clean look and ease of use that got me here. Later on I discovered a great community and a wealth of information here. I now think our browsing experience is much less and i'm afraid this will cause users to go elsewhere. Sand Trap administrators I am a big fan and don't mean to be critical but as you make changes keep the end user experience in mind. P.S. as I type this reply my browser is continually refreshing and saying done with errors on page. I am getting lag when I try to type. My browser crashed my 1st attem
  2. All, Am I the only one who really doesn't like the new look of our forum? I think it even takes longer for the pages to load.
  3. I received mine a few days ago and I have been focusing on keeping a driving pressure on the pbs on the downswing. Since it is cold here i am just practicing my swing in the basement. In attempting to keep pressure on the pbs on the downswing I feel like i'm pushing with my right index finger pad downard toward the point slightly past the ball. Does everyone else have the same sensation? Is there anything you've found if you do in your swing it will allow you to increase pressure on the pbs on the downswing?
  4. I love my white hot 2 ball. I'm deadly with it.
  5. Yeah.. He told me to keep them for a week and see if I like them. He's a great guy.. However the more I read online the more i'm talking myself into a stiff flex shaft for my irons. I know a club fitting is the best approach but these being "used" clubs that's not an option. I will have to take them to the range as soon as it's warm enough. I've read if you hit your 7 iron over 150 that you should use a stiff flex shaft. I hit my 7 iron about 155-160.
  6. My club pro shop has a great deal on a set of demo titleist AP1's. I was really excited until I found out they were a stiff flex steel shaft. I am currently gaming Callaway X-18R uniflex steel shafts. As you see I am a 17 handicap golfer with a mid speed swing. Earlier this year I had a low ball flight but it got higher as the year went on. So my question for you is would you let the stiff flex scare you away from a good deal?
  7. I find myself looking for golf deals during this time of year. Not really buying Christmas gifts for anyone. I'm just trying to take advantage of Christmas specials. Do any of you find yourself spending more on golf equipment/accessories this time of year?
  8. I am having trouble installing the newest update. When trying to install I get to a window that says "The feature you are trying to install is on a network resource that is unavailable. You get the option to select a path to a folder that contains "Internal Files.msi" in the box below. When I browse to the folder that contains that file I get the same message. Can anyone help me with this? Are others having the same problem? This is frustrating because now I can't even open the program.
  9. Previously I was pulling and hooking the ball. I have been working on feeling like my clubhead is traveling toward the target and it has really helped. This in addition to "shake hands with the target" have gotten my shots higher and straighter.
  10. My pro has me working on getting my clubhead to travel toward the target longer after impact. My tendency is for the clubhead to travel left of target pretty soon after impact. Does anyone have any good drills or advice to work on this?
  11. Somtimes balls fall out of my ogio grom ball silo. Have any of you other ogio owners experienced this? If so, have you came up with anything to keep this from happening?
  12. Eagle Ridge could arguably be the best start park course in Ky. You will really enjoy it. Have you looked at Dale Hollow. That is another great state park course.
  13. I have been taking a series of golf lessons with an instructor I really like. I would like to hear from the teaching professionals and players who are currently taking lessons - How can a student get the most out of their lessons? I want to maximize my gains with the investment I am making into my golf game. What reccommendations would you have for me?
  14. So you hit a decent shot in an area with several leaves on the ground. You are positive you are in bounds but when you get to the area you tracked your ball to you can't find it. You look for a time and decide you don't want to hold your group up any longer and drop a golf ball in the area you are certain you landed. Would you take a penalty stroke for this or not? You aren't in a tournament round just a round with friends where you are keeping your score to track your handicap.
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