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  1. Changed Driver

    great idea about bringing your driver
  2. Any need for a Gap Wedge?

    I had the same issue last season, so last Christmas i bought myself a Gap wedge and my short game has thanked me ever since.
  3. Changed Driver

    I wish I could help with the numbers aspect, but as far as the machines go I dont trust them. I feel that you should hit the clubs outside to truly see what your ball is doing. I recently bought irons and the machine had me hitting my 9 iron 170 yards. I never have and never will hit a 9 iron that far, I usually hit my 9 about 20 yards short of that. When purchasing my driver this year, I demoed a variety of drivers at my club's range without a machine. I chose my club based purely on performance, and have no regrets (I shaved 3 strokes since changing drivers). So my advice would be to hit the clubs outside and see how the ball flies, and which club you can hit the most consistently and feel most comfortable with. The guys with the machines swear by them, but what good are spin rates and launch angles if you cant hit your clubs on the course. PS I love my G15
  4. Mizuno JPX 800 Pro

    The Burners were equivalent if not longer than the JPX. I did not find the consistency with the TM's that I did in the Muzuno's, although they came in a close second in the group of irons that I hit.
  5. Tomorrow I'm either buying the Ping G15 driver or the K15

    Love My G-15 w/serrano shaft
  6. Who here uses blades?

    I switched from cavity backs to Srixon Forged I-506's (Furyk won with these clubs @ the Heritage this year) the end of last year and my handicap jumped from a 10 to a 16 this season . I suppose i was not ready for the switch to blades. I really like the ball flight and trajectory when i hit them well, but my mishits were punished. I just switched back to cavity backs (muzuno JPX 800's) and am very happy with the consistency of my iron play again.
  7. Mizuno JPX 800 Pro

    I just, purchased the JPX 800's and love them. I bought them to replace my Srixon I-506 irons (started playing blades and my handicap jumped). I hit X-22's, G15's, TITLEIST AP1's, Burner's, and the JPX were the longest and best feeling of the group. I have no regrets at all ... you have to hit them and you will see what I mean