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  1. Golf Schools?

    Tri-State University also has a good PGM program.
  2. Camillo Villegas (You kidding me?)

    He gets low like that because it makes green reading so much easier. Havent you ever been at the bottom of a slope and had a ground level view? Trust me it helps alot. If he has the strength to hold himself in that position, more power to him. As for his clothes being tight and colorful, its no different than Ian Poulter, Eric Axley, etc... Also he is from Columbia, That style is popular within his culture.
  3. Hey guys, I am looking into getting a new set of irons. I currently play the Titleist 735.CM with DG S300 shafts. My game has suffered a little this summer as Im playing less, but am now free to get out alot. Im very unhappy with my ball flight as it is extremely high. I thought about bending the lofts a little but Im not sure, but Im pretty sure Im just gonna get a new set as Im ready for a change. I am looking for something that will have good feel and be workable with some forgiveness if possible. Have thought about the Ping S58's as a friend of mine has them and they feel almost effortless to hit the ball well. Also considered the AP2's. Im not a big Mizuno guy so I think those are out. Im pretty much a Titleist guy, but the ping line seems to really be peeking my interest for some reason. If there are any thoughts about these sets or even on my current set, please come forward! Also any other sets to consider?
  4. Observation from Buick Open

    Well I just got back from there today. It was another great time. Poor Bubba hit such a nice second shot on 18 to then miss the putt. One thing I noticed today that Ive never paid much attention to is how low the majority of pros tee up there ball for driver. I use slightly longer than average tee size and tee the ball up quite high, but maybe lower is better?
  5. Observation from Buick Open

    I didnt see him hit one off the deck, but on the hole I seen him on he was using a tee. I seen on the TV replay that he wasnt using one. One person I followed that impressed me quite a bit was Dustin Johnson. I had never really seen him play on TV but was told he has some real potential to be a big star. I agree now that I have seen his game.
  6. Observation from Buick Open

    I was also there for the 2nd round, I seen Stephen Leaneys hole in one at the 8th. These guys are just lightyears ahead of the average golfer, it is truly amazing to watch. Im going back on Sunday and I cant wait.
  7. Hey everyone, I have recieved a 35" Red X2 as a gift with standard loft/lie, and am a little confused with some info I have found on it. Is this putter a face-balanced fully centered shaft putter? I putt with an arc stroke and am hoping I will be able to still putt well with it. I have heard from some that it is face balanced and suited for straight back and through, and also that it has 1/4 toe hang and is perfect for the arc stroke. If anyone can clarify this for me it would be great! I am picking the putter up sometime tomorrow and hope Ill like it. Thanks
  8. Titleist 907D2 or Titleist 905R

    I also have a 905R and I was going to switch to the D2 but I felt after Numerous comparisons I hit them both roughly the same so decided to hang on to my money. On the other hand my buddy did the same and found he hit the d2 WAY better. Good luck if you buy one, Im sure you will be happy either way!
  9. Before I bought my 735's I had a set of Nike Blades. The reason I got rid of them was I felt they had no feel to them whatsoever. I hit the 695mb before I got the 735's and loved them but I got to great of a deal on the 735's to pass them up. With my Nike's I did lose about half a clubs distance, and just overall didnt like the feel they had. They didnt have that buttery soft feel when struck perfect and just seemed to dead. 695mb is a great iron but you might want to look at the Taylormade rac MB also as these are great irons also. Whatever your choice, make it based on YOUR results and good luck with the new iron shopping!
  10. Golf fashion ?'s

    There is my point: I dont wear bright pants or things like that but I do enjoy wearing bright shirts and looking different than your everyday player. I dont mean that there is anything wrong with wearing a more traditional clothing style such as solid shirts and khaki pants, but there also should be room for a brighter and fun style also without the comments of "Looking ridiculous, or look at that showboat" I do not try to bring attention to myself, I just like to wear what I feel comfortable in, and what I like. Thanks for the responses everyone, just wanted some opinions!
  11. How long did it take you to get good?

    Also dont get to much into your handicap right away. You might have a sound long game and be terrible at the short game, so I would find your weaknesses and practice those harder than maybe you would your strengths. For instance when I started out, I could drive the ball and hit my irons well but I couldnt do anything 100 yards and in and my putting was atrocious. But all I wanted to do was hit that driver on the range instead of practicing with the scoring clubs.
  12. How long did it take you to get good?

    When I started, I couldnt hit the broad side of a barn and was terrible. I got a good instructor who I still work with to this day and practiced all the time whether playing, range, carpet putting you name it. All in all it took me about 8 years to go from 24 (first recorded handicap) down to 1. I went slowly down year after year. Its been a long journey down to 1 but its been worth it! Keep practicing and your goal of breaking 100 will turn into wanting to break 90,80,70 etc. Good Luck!
  13. Golf fashion ?'s

    I just got back from Florida and am back in Michigan. While Im in Florida clothes you wear to the course seem to differ from what youd wear in Michigan. Such things are in Florida I would wear my bright colors such as orange, greens, sky blues, and even pink! Another popular thing is white belts. However if I wear those things up here I am looked at strange and feel completely stupid . Does anyone else have these types of people that are stuck in the age of black or khaki pants and a solid color shirt with black/brown belt? Or am I the one that is stupid wearing my bright clothes and white belts?
  14. Good Job Zach Johnson!

    If that is what he felt... so be it. I didnt see anything wrong with it although I am also a christian, I dont see how it hurts non-christians for him saying he felt jesus with him. When he was thanking everybody, I didnt think his list was going to end! LOL