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  1. I use these covers on my irons I play with because I like them.They keep the bag rash off of them.Seriously though as far as the fake comments go most people cant even break 90 and it doesnt have anything to do real or fake with clubs.If bobby jones could play with the clubs he did and score the way he did back then I dont see any reason why people get so wound up over this topic.All I would like to say is if you would like to see or buy my clubs please email,post here ,but please dont comment about stupid shit its really childish and not needed in a place like this.
  2. Brand new Titleist MB710 Forged set P-3i with project X 5.0 shafts titleist grips and head covers.They are brand new still in factory plastic.Call or text ma at 214-551-5269 I live in Anna Texas if you would like to come by and pick them up.If you want them sent to you I will.You pay shipping and I will only accept a money order no paypal.
  3. I agree that they play almost identical with the exception of the v1x seems to travel higher than the penta.Hey shorty thanks for slamming me about my opinion on the golf balls , totally not called for.So my assesment ( and I am a .05 hcp ) of the prov1 and my callaway iS are very similar , they both have the best greenside spin that most low handicappers want ,if you dont want any greenside spin you must check your technique because you certainly need that control for different shots around the green.The only difference in the two are the callaway penetrates more with a boring trajectory than the v1 .Greenside spin is crucial when chipping and different shots around the green that is why they make urethane cover balls and there priced the highest ,because these are scoring balls IMO.I would like to see someone make a black cat check up like a Urethane cover ball LOL.
  4. Tiger Woods will never regain golf dominance

    I bet he starts using his real name soon eldrick,whatta you think ? He has lost the privelage to use the name tiger,how is it even possible to use an alias like tiger anyways .
  5. Want opinions.. etiquette question on chewing gum

    I actually think gum chewing is very annoying to me.Everyone has there own opinion .
  6. Worst Club in your bag?

    Cant say I have one,I like em all thats why there in the bag.
  7. Brandel Chamblee is the biggest Tiger hater

    Come on everyone always says tiger is supposed to be the best there ever was in the game right ,(except me) then how is it the best guy in the world or used to be has such a hard time swinging a golf club anymore ,I mean come on is he that stupid he cant figure out and grove a swing if he really is the best. I personally think he is going down to where he needs to be because he has already hit his prime and now he is just a tour player like most guys .I just find it totally absurd that he has such a hard time getting this supposedly new swing I think its just a excuse hes giving for the shitty golf he has been playing.
  8. Are you sure about that ? The # would be surprising if you actually knew .If I put a glove on it feels like im getting ready to it a home run and realy grip it.I never have understood the purpose of just a left glove anyways,is it to keep your hand baby soft ,if you say its for better grip then you obviously need new grips or is it to just look cool.I do have a set of winter gloves for when its real cold but I hate wearing those things,its like the difference between butt huggers and boxers for me LOL.
  9. All the offset does is help generate lift for people that cant get the ball airborne.
  10. Golfsmith fitting - what a joke

    +1 on that. The only thing I can add is that the local pga superstore's here are way worse than the golfsmith and the golf galaxy tops them all of the worst stores.I just go there to hit clubs.