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  1. Mizuno everything. (just switched to JPX-919 irons, ST 190 driver and 3 wood.) Scotty Cameron putter
  2. woodsfan4life


  3. yes, i really like the adidas line. I tried on the new tour 360 xt spikeless shoes at the store the other day. really loved them. i think any shoes with the boost in them will be very comfortable
  4. hey yall, I was curious if any of you have a suggestion for shoes when you walk 18. I currently have the footjoy freestyle. They are comfortable but after 14 holes today, my feet were killing me. I am looking to get some better shoes. I am looking at the footjoy flex that came out this year. They are spikeless but there are hardly any reviews on them. What do you wear when you walk? Now i carry my bag on my back and have lightened the bag to the bare essentials. Thank you!!
  5. same here for the Oakley flak jacket 2.0 w the Prizm lenses. Excellent picture and really enhances greens when reading for a putt. Love them
  6. I always walk, unless its a really nice course and i have to ride to keep the pace of play. I have a Titleist stand bag and i adjusted the straps so it rides a bit higher and it feels MUCH better then it was previously. I take out all the items i really dont need. Driver, 5 wood, 3 irons, one wedge and putter. carry 6 balls and some water. The load got alot lighter and easier at the end of the round.
  7. hello, new to this forum. I am currently a 15 handicap. I can hit my driver pretty good. (dymo2 str8 fit) i usually average 250-270 on a good drive. should i have my driver fitted? will it make that much a difference? thanks for the advice!!
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