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  1. Yeah, that cracked me up! Oh, and BTW to the OP... the SLDR is an old model already.
  2. Tom Wishon S2R Series, model 5 head with a single bend shaft, 5 degrees of loft, 33" length. My one and only putter. I'll replace every other club in the bag before I take this one out!
  3. I'm still playing the 2012 AMPs, not the AMP Cell. I love the 2012's too much to switch to the Cells, but the Cells are definitely a solid club.
  4. He actually played there a couple weeks ago with a long time friend of his and his son. It's entirely possible that it was him!
  5. Thread winning statement. If you are just out to have fun, anchor your putter. Use a .900 COR driver. Use a wedge with a sandpaper face. If that is what it takes for you to have fun out on the course, have at it! I'm not going to complain. Unless you start to rub it in that you putt better than me. Or can outdrive me. Or if there is money on the line.......
  6. It wasn't by chance in Fort Collins, was it? My Dad is 72, and swings cross-handed due to a shoulder injury. And he can't much get his hands any higher than somewhere between the area of his elbow and shoulder. And he is convinced he has to scoop and lift the ball in the air, and literally falls backwards during the downswing to try and do so. Sad part is, he usually whoops my a$$!
  7. I have no complaints about my AMP irons. I am more and more happy with my decision to go with them every time I play.
  8. PURE P2 wrap is my favorite. Also have one of the first PURE putter grips, love it too.
  9. I have one of his grips, just haven't put it on a club yet. I finally fixed my swing flaw(s) that were contributing to my slice and have pretty much all but cured it, i can call it a baby fade for now. Wish I could give a better review of it, just haven't seen a reason to try it yet.
  10. Oddly enough, driver is my most consistent club, followed by wedges, then short and mid irons. I still struggle at times with the hybrids, but struggle the MOST with the fairway wood. To the point I sometimes swap it out with a 2 hybrid. My biggest problem is that I can hit it great on the range, but on the course I either hit behind the ball or top it. And I 'think" I can attribute that to trying too hard on the course. On the range I'm just trying to hit it clean and generally at my target. But on the course I think it gets into my head that I have to hit it to a number, or as fa
  11. I build up my wedges under the low hand. I figure out where my low hand sits on the grip, and start the extra wraps there, which is about 4.5" down and go to the end of the grip. If you use air to install/uninstall the grips, it makes it really easy to do a wrap or two, install the grip and see how it feels, then blow the grip off to try something different.
  12. From what? Not all manufacturers clubs are built to the same lie angle or length for a given club. So +1.5° could be from a club that is 62° or 61°. And when you take into account the manufactures tolerance of +/-1° on loft and lie, +1.5° isn't really helpful. The good clubfitter/builder will adjust EACH iron for your swing based on the results of a swing or two made on a lie board, then adjusting the club based on the mark on the sole. Adjusting a set of full set of irons across the board based on one number is doing a disservice to the end user. A good fitter can bend cast.
  13. 42 y/o, 5' 10', 163#. Driver SS is between 90-95. Playing at 5400' elevation helps to get the most total distance out of that swing!
  14. MOI is king. If you cut the Razr X down 1.5", that will lower the SW by 9 points. You'll gain 5 back with the grip (not really, since the weight is in your hands and behind the 14" fulcrum, but that is what the scale will read. MOI won't change though.), then you'll end up adding 8g of weight to the head. I imagine you will dislike the club once that is done.
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