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  1. i finally caved in and bought a foam ball to place in between my forearms due to me rolling #3 so much on the backswing, i have been doing half way back and half way through shots for the past couple days. I have the urge to start making full swings but i know that i don't have this piece ingrained in my muscle memory and must keep at it till its automatic, i know this piece will make the downswing pieces better. I can only imagine what Tiger and the pro's go through when they do a swing change
  2. been awhile since i posted, finally got to go out to the range. Worked on getting trail elbow softer and slightly bent, but looks like im not getting enough up on the swing due to lack of wrist cock. I tried to feel like i just cock the club up straight vertical, hopefully i can iron this out before the start of the golf season in chicago.
  3. thats what i suspected, what pieces help with turning the hips on an angle? is it pretty much how the knees work that give the hip slant
  4. by any chance can one over turn the hips on the backswing? how much hip degree turn is usually perscribed
  5. so have been coming up with a routine to get that arm feeling the right arm softer.... pretty much like Charlie Wi's routine address the ball with my left hand on the grip only then bring in the right arm... hopefully i can get some video tomorrow it felt pretty good and less around.... its still going to take some time getting use to since bad habits are hard to break. Thanks for the video MV definitly going to bookmark to remind me everyday lol
  6. For someone that has an overactive right arm, would you have them feel like they are just only releasing #4?
  7. so been working hard on the swing.. still taking it to much around with no up... currently trying to ingrain what mvmac has recommended with just tilting and extending. Also looks like im using too much of the turning piece which doesn't give me a chance to cock the wrist, and help me ascend the club up plane. Hope to post a video once i get use to the tilt and extend, with out the feeling of turning
  8. for some reason i tend to get lazy during the middle holes and just slide with no rotation blend in