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  1. Hey, thank you for writing this. Saw the interview. Couldn't agree with you more.
  2. I always have a ball repair tool, a quarter and tees in right pocket. Nothing else in any other pocket.
  3. Camp Legeune, NC. Long par 5 sprinkler head said "Tiger Wood"
  4. You can definitely get the split cavities cheaper than that.
  5. 200 yd 7 iron???? Dang dude. That is long!!!!
  6. I read about a bigger amateur tourney this past summer, the organizers would figure the probability of rounds compared to their handicap. If the probability was high, they were disqualified
  7. Can only use the gift card towards R11 purchase
  8. I wonder how often someone puts up a guess on handicap?
  9. Interested in hearing how someone goes about breaking in a new set of irons. Looks like I will get a break in the weather soon and cant wait to go out and hit my new Nike's
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