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  1. I wish I knew. I play as a single a lot. The ones I hate are the guys who won't even make eye contact with you as they rush their (lousy) tee shot so that they can stay ahead of you.
  2. I'm not clear on what you mean by "quality" and if you are equating that to "power." I am no teacher, but I find my best iron shots are when I am not trying for power at all.
  3. I also frequent freegolfinfo, which has good stuff if you are into building clubs or component clubs in general. The first one I participated on was golfdiscussions but it got sketchy for a while, but I've heard they are under new management.
  4. Don't know how much they can be bent, but Macgregor forged irons can be had for a song. I got my 1025CMs with S300/sensicore/new grips for $68, which was a ridiculous deal but have seen others for $100-120. Oh, and they rock.
  5. I can only speak of my experience with bursitis in my shoulder. I saw a GP, who referred me to an orthapedic, who told me that I had a beaked chromium, and that was what was irritating the bursa, but that there was a PT who he had used who had saved many people from getting surgery for this sort of thing. The PT told me not to bother with NSAIDS and that I really needed to build up some specific muscles around the joint to keep things in place and keep the bursa from getting irritated. There was also stretching to break up the adhesions as woodzie was saying. He started me on a PT regiment of some really odd feeling exercises, but after about 6 sessions I was mostly pain free. Most importantly he taught me the exercises so that I could do them myself at home or the gym, mostly with the exercise bands. Now if I get a flare up I know exactly what to do, and a few days of doing the PT myself and I am good to go. PT is one of the cheapest aspects of medicine, but maybe the most important, and I would pay for it out of pocket if I needed to, presuming I can get a good therapist.
  6. FWIW, I have always been an "overswinger", for reasons too boring to go into here, but today I went out and got in touch with my "inner Sadlowski" and let myself turn as far as I could (with my woods). I actually hit all of my fairways today (for 9 holes), which is a real rarity for me. I didn't always have the best contact, but they all went pretty straight. Definitely got good distance on the ones that I hit solid, and the others weren't too terrible. Worst tee shot was the last hole where I tried to shorten up the backswing, that was the only fade all day.
  7. So you only like playing with high handicappers when you are taking their money?
  8. Since my golfing buddies are total flakes when it comes to planning anything I think I will have to do a solo trip if I ever want to get out of town and golf. I tried to set up something last spring and a 3 day trip became a two day, which then became a 1 1/2 day trip, which then became 18 holes at a local course, which then became 9 holes, and then they were 20 minutes late for the tee time. My friends suck.
  9. If you are thinking about reshafting I would suggest finding a good clubfitter in the area to make sure you get it right. I don't know how things work elsewhere, but places I've looked at around here usually include the fitting if you have them do the reshafting.
  10. This is actually one of the reasons I think I could use short game instruction, because I didn't grow up golfing (my dad hated golf), I really didn't play until I was in my 30's. Heck, I just figured out how to chip this year, and am still probably doing something wrong.
  11. Anyone know of anyone good? I've never taken a lesson, but asked for a one for Christmas, don't know where to go. I don't think I know anyone who has taken lessons either. Since I'm specifically looking for short game teacher does it make sense to just ask the guys at the pro shop(s) which pro is the best for short game?
  12. I have one of the old models and it is fun, but I think it is something that should be used sparingly. I made the mistake of using mine a lot earlier this year. We had just had our 2nd kid so there was no time for golf or driving range, so I would play on the sim instead. The problem was that I started making swing changes that worked well on the sim and didn't work so well in real life. I still use it sometimes, but not too often. BTW, I don't use the tethered ball, I don't think it feels very real. I just swing over the sensors. If you setup in a garage you can hit real or practice balls into a net, the sim doesn't care. I also found that mine works best with using a 6i for every shot, for FW and driver the roundness of the sole throws it off, as do the wider soles on wedges. On my version with TW06 the putting is just terrible. I would probably use this more if the putting was more realistic or if I could just skip putting altogether. Also, I make my character Natalie Gulbis, mostly because her club distances are actually very close to mine. I also find it a little hilarious. There were a few of us who got these about this time last year, here is a thread reviewing them. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...ight=launchpad
  13. A little OT, but this thread is spiraling anyway. Can someone tell me what advantage a player would get from their caddy or partner standing on the line of the putt away from the hole? It seems like a silly rule to me. I can see it being an advantage for a scramble if the partner might be attempting that same putt, but otherwise I think it would be as someone else said, a distraction.
  14. I was sad yesterday when I went into my local Golf Galaxy and saw that their used club selection is down to almost nothing. They had even taken the wall where the used irons were and put up a bunch of golf art prints. There were two sets of used irons and one small rack of drivers, fws, and wedges. I have gotten some amazing deals there, and their return policy was very good (30 days for credit on used gear).
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