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  1. Peter Kostis says she’s the real deal so it must be true. 😉
  2. Nice post. Pretty much sums it up. As much as I love the endless shots of a golf ball in the sky, the extensive use of sky tracker was a nice change. And I can wait until CBS coverage to get a year's worth of commercials and fluff in a single event.
  3. Dog owners love their dogs so naturally assume everyone else loves their dog too which is far from reality. Spend time with your dog....but not at the course.
  4. It sounds like you are saying that people who play golf because they enjoy the game but are not necessarily driven to improve their handicap are somehow "second class golf citizens." I'm not sure that I agree with that. Although I'd love to get better, I can generally golf only once per week with an occasional mid-week trip to the local par 3 because of very demanding work and family schedules. At my frequency of play, there is not much chance of getting a whole lot better once I lose the winter rust in the Spring. But I still love to play even though I might be on the course to "smack
  5. I have a suggestion that fits your specs. I use the following car-top carrier (X-Cargo) and it can fit 2-4 sets of clubs depending on the bag type and how much other stuff you want to put into the carrier. It's a good price, weather resistant, and lockable. The only negative is that it can be a little challenging to load/unload on tall vehicles like vans and SUVs. Sears/Kmart sells them.
  6. From her perspective, Spieth is the hotter deal right now....probably in more ways than just his golf game. What the heck is wrong with that and why should she be forced to take down her tweet? I'm so sick of anything that even remotely resembles "political correctness." From my perspective (like her dad), I'd love to play a round with TW for my birthday.
  7. i have a similar balance issue....but with a different cause...and my condition is permanent. I lost the hearing and balance mechanisms in my left ear 3-4 years ago due to a viral or auto-immune illness (doctors don't really know) and my balance has never been the same. When I get a comprehensive physical, my doctor does a series of tests that check balance. I'm rock-solid on many and he gets to one test in particular, and with a very slight push, I begin to wobble and lose my balance. It's kind of freaky really. I'm convinced that it does have an impact on my golf swing but I'm not
  8. How many shag balls can you buy for the cost of a ball return and the novelty of hitting the same ball into the net over and over?
  9. 0 - I carry a 3W and 7W and then 4i. I use my 7W like a hybrid.
  10. Your post made me chuckle a little. In my younger years, I remember when snow boards first started appearing on the ski slopes and I said almost exactly the same thing about them. Even the part about tearing up the slopes. Snowboards were (and still are) responsible for bringing a different demographic to the slopes. Although I'm in the 50+ demographic, I'd definitely be open to trying them....as long as the weight limit was sufficient. I'm not exactly a small guy. And I'd rather share the course with these than foot golfers.
  11. i was able to work from home and had it on in the background. I really enjoyed watching the event and I like the new format that includes match play. Unfortunately, I'll be travelling for the next few days for work and probably won't be able to watch much of the guys championship. On the bright side, I'm hoping to get onto Bethpage Red on Saturday morning before I return home.
  12. I normally don't experience pace of play issues for the courses at which I play....but it happens occasionally....like this weekend. The starter let a 4-some start on #10 despite #1 being wide open and a steady flow of traffic already on the course. Compounding the problem, is that this 4-some felt like they owned the course and proceeded to hit numerous drives. We watched one idiot top about 6 consecutive tee shots. The rest were not much better and equally entitled to get a good tee shot. They weren't that good from the fairway either and naturally had to find and collect all the balls
  13. We need legislation that requires a losing party to pay the legal expenses of the winning part in the U.S. to minimize frivolous law suits. Suing because you've been privately notified that you are a sandbagger is frivolous....especially when it's true.
  14. Ridiculous question which you answered in your own post. She's American unless you feel Hawaiians are not Americans. But your question now has me "confused" if I'm American (or not) since I have a mixed heritage which does not include Native American. [sarcasm alert]
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