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  1. I enjoy this show on Monday's when they re-cap everything. Also Thursday aren't bad either. It's better than it was several months ago. Holly played golf at Michigan St and won a Big Ten title, she knows golf. Her shirt's are sometimes snug... Erik is total doucher from Connecticut, seems like a lovable prick. He does have the sportscasters "golden pipes" however...enjoyed him at ESPN. Gary seems like golf dweeb, nice enough guy, would trust him with your daughter. The cardigan he was wearing makes him look like his about 70 when he's like 37 years old.
  2. Are you playing the ball off your inside left foot? That helps me immesely. You might also want to make sure the shaft is the proper flex in regards to your swing speed. That can effect ball flight as well. Good Luck!
  3. I am going to make some more calls this weekend! I want this thing!!! Now! If I find it I will report back for the DFW peeps...
  4. Thanks BigTex! That store is close to the casa! I went into PGA SS and they looked at me like I had two heads when I inquired about it! I would like it quicker than July 4th however...
  5. It looks really cool and will help hacks like myself for sure! I've spent the better part of this am calling around and looking for one, no one here in the DFW metroplex seems to know what I'm talking about! If i find one this weekend, I will post a review!!! Go PING!
  6. Those are good clubs! One of my friends has had that set since 1991. He bought a Nike whatever a few years ago and after playing with the Nike whatevers he went back to his Rams. Just make sure that they fit you... I personally think some of these clubs made in the 90's are better than the Chinese crap they are trying to sell us now!
  7. Last night a made the mistake of putting with a Redwood Anser at PGA Superstore....wanting badly now!!!!
  8. I'm playing with my grandfather's O-Blade right now. Its Manganese Bronze circa 1973 ish... I also like the look of PAL 2 and ANSER 2... Great putters!!!
  9. Hard to say... You sound alot like me. I started playing in 94 in college, got to where I would shoot around 92 to 95 ish. Never could get any lower and dropped the game pretty much in late 99. Recently got back into golf about 6 months ago. This time I've taken some lessons and trying to learn the right way, LOL. Its amazing what all has changed in 10 years in the game. I found out real fast my 1994 TaylorMade Raylor 3 wood wasn't gonna cut it, LOL!!! I would say the way to get into low 80 or 70's is to develope a bad ass short game. Wedges and putting is where alot of st
  10. srstech95

    NBA Final

    I'm still on cloud nine!!! As a kid I can remember going to Reunion Arena and watching the Dick Motta 1980's Mav's get so close in both 86 and 88 only to lose out to the Showtime Lakers in the Western Conderence Finals. Those Mavs teams had some good players--Blackman, Aguirre, Davis. Just never could get over the hump. In about 1990 the Mavs entered the basketball wasteland, the Tarpley issues, some bad personal moves and bad coaching seemed to be setting the course for the Mavs to become the Clippers of Texas. What else made it frustratign was the Spurs and Rockets were roll
  11. Guys, It's a great course, espicially for West Texas! I wish when I was an undergrad we had something like this! It was taken over by Troon Golf a few years back and they have done a great job in maintaining it. If the wind is up, which most of time it is in Lubbock it can be a very hard course. I believe a permanent clubhouse is being constructed (finally)! Try to play it if you can, it can get busy on football weekends however. Call early for tee times!
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