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  1. Wellington, New Zealand. Heartbroken, genuinely thought I'd won the furthest shipped book. Unless if you're gonna claim Nelson or something in which case I'll propose a tie for first :)
  2. Anyone see Phil's presser from today? He raised something pretty interesting at around the 8:30 minute mark, saying that in the last 6 or 7 years since they've lengthened the course, that he's not had a single shot between 90 and 130 yards. Hence why he has two free clubs as he can take gap wedge and sand wedge out of the bag. I'm not sure if he's exaggerating slightly, I'd think for sure that over that period of time he's chipped out or layer up to that yardage at some stage, but regardless it's pretty fascinating. I wonder if other player's have noticed a similar thing? Pretty ballsy
  3. Regardless of how he recovers and how his body handles the rest of the season, I think this surgery could/should be a major turning point for Tiger in terms of the events he chooses to play in. He already has a pretty light schedule, but I definitely wouldn't blame him if he went to more of a Steve Stricker type schedule, where he pretty much only plays in the majors. Add on to this maybe one gear up event before The Masters for a little taste of competitive golf, his own event at Congressional (I'm guessing he's obligated to play in this if healthy?) and either the Ryder Cup or Preside
  4. The players can't win, can they? They're stuck between giving their honest opinion on something, whether it be on course conditions, a ruling etc, and being called an ungrateful ******* by fans and the media. Or they can give the same 'correct' answers all the time, doing their best to never step on anyone's toes and to not give anybody a reason to hate them. After which they'll be labelled as boring and predictable with no real personality. I think it would be best for the game and us as fans to let these guys have the freedom to give their honest opinions on golf-related
  5. Stenson's on fire huh? Let's wait and see how the driver's going first. Not really an issue for these guys with the equipment manufacturers they have at their disposal. But it certainly seems he isn't in love with the big stick at the moment. As for the winner, hard to look past Tiger, however recent history from the Tour Championship suggests that someone from the middle of the pack is going to pop up and steal it from the guys who have been up there all season. Will be interesting regardless.
  6. You went for Adam Scott, right? And from the tone of your posts you seem to have this idea that Tiger Woods is a pretty average ball striker from tour standards, "can't hit driver etc". Check this out. Tiger and Adam, exact same greens in regulation stats. Same number of holes, same percentage. http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.103.html Tiger thumps him in proximity to the hole though, a full 105 spots better. http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.331.html Don't take offence, this is all about personal preference and what you like to see in a swing. But to say Ti
  7. The fact that you all but write Tiger off for next week, and then say that the course is well-suited to a player like Adam Scott is a huge contradiction. They have very similar games. Both are in the top 20 for total driving for this season, with Tiger the slightly more accurate of the two. I'm not saying that the course is perfectly suited to Tiger but I think one of the keys to his game and the reason he's number 1 in the world is that he can win and compete on all sorts of different courses. On top of this, from what I've heard, Oak Hill sounds like a slightly more extreme, more diff
  8. Right, that feeling of the hands being light is one I use from time to time when I'm struggling and feeling like everything's a little rushed on the downswing. It would make sense as it would allow the hips a little extra time to get forward. I'll definitely give it a go and I look forward to seeing the difference that it makes with lag and the slight flip I get at impact; I hit it solid with a divot after the ball but on off days especially I could definitely use a little more lag. Thanks heaps for the help, really appreciate it.
  9. Thanks. That's not the current feel that I use in transition, at the moment I'm thinking about getting my right elbow in front of my body. However when I used to struggle with getting my weight forward in the downswing I did use that left knee shifting swing thought for a little bit. It never really felt right for me though, and I preferred thinking about "crushing the can" beneath my left foot instead.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: About 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 5.2 My typical ball flight is: A Mid-Draw I'm fairly happy with the work I've put into my swing over the last year or so, it has come a fair way since about this time last year when I was pulling it way inside on the backswing and getting well across-the-line at the top. The main issues I see are from the front on angle, my head is bouncing around a bit, my hip movement looks a little awkward and I'd like to have my hands a touch more forward at impact. Driver - Th
  11. Here's the 'scripting' for the week for the extremely bored out there. For some reason these always get me kinda hyped. I like Tiger's Thursday and Saturday shirts, and Rory's Friday and Sunday one's. I reckon if nothing else Nike do incredibly well at giving their players that sharp and clean look.
  12. That's true, but I think it's mainly because of the courses that major championships are held on and, especially, the way they're set up. With the hard and fast conditions there really is no need to hit driver, and given that major's are often about making pars and grinding, avoiding the big number is probably number 1 for these guys. You just need to look at the guys in contention down the stretch at the British, hardly any of them used driver at all during the week. I think Tiger would probably prefer the course dried out and he didn't have to use driver as much, but it's the same for
  13. So 18th in Total Driving out of 191 players on the PGA Tour isn't sufficient to even give him a 'shot'? http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.129.html
  14. You're right. Fairly sure that is his approach shot on 18 in the playoff of the 2005 Masters. Surprised the person went to the effort to do all of that and made that simple mistake. Still pretty cool, though.
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