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  1. I went to the GolfSmith shop to test out some new drivers. I hit about a dozen different set ups and they have the launch monitor to show projected ball flight. The computer and the guy at the store suggest I get a MacGregor M85T 9.5 degree stiff. Am I an idiot because I still want the Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track because it "felt better", even thought the launch monitor showed 15 yard less distance ?
  2. Thanks everyone, I showed this to my wife and after a few days she has agreed and I am going shopping on Saturday. Is there a place in here to ask questions about TV's?
  3. I have been playing with an R7 Quad for about 5 years now. I had been hitting about 260 yards and now last two or three rounds I can't seem to hit it more than 220. I am still hitting 3 wood 225, 5 wood 210. It has to be the club, right? Tend to keep all my clubs in the trunk of my car. Any one ever have this?
  4. 440 yard 18th hole, hit front of green with 180 yard 6 iron from the deep left rough with branch in my follow through. But then took 2 putts to get up to the back of the green and another two to make double bogey.
  5. Shot a 94, worst round of the year. I would like to blame the greens for being slow, but 40 putts on the first 15 holes should have been enough to figure out how to get the ball to the hole and avoid the four putt double bogey on 18.
  6. I have been playing TW11 on the Wii with the BadChicken.com Stick and it is pretty cool. Still more of a game than golf, but much better than flicking the Wiimote. I checked out the PS3 Move at the mall and the graphics are much better, but the motion detection feels more like the Wii before the MotionPlus add on.
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