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  1. I still have the Callaway Bobby Jones S2H2 driver and 3w. Loved those clubs. I haven't hit them in years, but might break them out this weekend.
  2. Love it! I'll add that there is no right way to swing. There might be guidelines to follow, but we all have our little quirks. If a pro tells you he teaches only one way to swing, run fast.
  3. He just said that there is very little information about John out there. They were complimentary of his game.
  4. Ben - were you contacted by a reporter about your time playing with Huh? On morning drive this morning it was mentioned that one of the reporters (don't remember his name) was unable to find much info about Huh, but had contacted one of his friends via an online forum. Thought it might have been you.
  5. I saw on the golf channel where Mike Davis from the USGA said that +2 through the first 6 holes at Olympic will not lose strokes to the field. Also going to have a ~630yd par 5. I like watching the best in the world be challenged, but making a course ridiculously hard for the sake of being ridiculously hard (and nothing else) does nothing for me.
  6. You think that's because of his Ryder Cup history? He really put it together this week.
  7. I play the blue (6.6K) or gold (7K) at home depending on the group I'm with. When I play a new course I look for whatever tee keeps my close to 6.5K yds. If I've played a course and know it I might move back, but at my length (or lack of) I'm not comfortable playing beyond 6500 yards if I don't know my best miss around the greens. All that changes on PGA courses though. On those I like to move back to where the pros play just for the fun of it.
  8. Do I get a cool badge to put in my signature for winning the bracket challenge?
  9. Yes, I think folks are influenced by what the pros use. I'm not a ping guy, but I think there are three ping players in the final four. Bracket-wise I need Rory to win this AM and lose this afternoon. Honestly I'm just hoping for close matches.
  10. That sounds like fun. My group usually plays all the way back or one tee up. We have five (or maybe six) sets of tees at our club. I've been looking for a reason to play the member or senior tees one day.
  11. I'm with you. El hosels should not be discussed in public. :-D
  12. The winner's trophy is named for Walter Hagen. I guess the PGA is honoring him most of all that way.
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