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  1. I dabble around the 80 mark, I have broke into the 70's a dozen times or so. I had no better feeling then shooting in the 80's for the 1st time. Once I shot in the 70's, it didn't feel as good for some reason. That's a great accomplishment in golf. Good for you!
  2. Just this year Titleist discontinued the ball I regularly play with. The DT SoLo. However, since I buy my golf balls from a logo overrun supplier. I don't have to go without
  3. You mean that's not apart of his follow through? huh.
  4. Exactly! I used to think this way. We are blessed to have such a channel devoted to one sport, and it's the sport I am passionate about. Here's the but - The golf channel has evolved into a professional main stay of the dial. Gone are the days that it was a little start up TV channel, an experiment if you will. Thanks to Arnold Palmer. However today's golf channel has graduated through the ranks, and is a legitimate, and powerful business, and in most ways acts like one. Their slight inconsistencies fail to meet their viewer expectations, which have advanced with the channel itself. Thank go
  5. It's just a poor business decision. Why would you air a replay, coupled with the results? Clearly their intention of airing the replay is so the viewer is afforded a "second look" I doubt that the majority of the primetime viewers have previously absorbed the live broadcast. Their intentions are misaligned with the results. If I were an advertiser I would take my money elsewhere. Golf Channel does not understand who their audience is, therefor cannot accurately forecast the value of their programming. To my other point, on a commercial, meant to garner viewers for Golf Central, wh
  6. I emailed them hours before I posted here! Thanks though
  7. During the primetime "replay" of the WGC Match Play, don't air a commercial (for golf central) telling me the results. It makes me do the exact opposite, of what you want me to do. a) watch the rest of the primetime replay b) watch golf central I would like to watch your channel, but now I don't know why I need to. Thank You
  8. I would do the same. I would make a joke about it. It gives the hint of the message, but at the same time, keeping rapport with your fellow golfers.
  9. What difference does it make? A business can operate anyway they want, within the law.
  10. I whole heartedly agree that links is more of a golf simulator than TW. However Isn't TW just about the only game out there these days? Links last update was 2003. My buddy made an off the cuff remark/question asking if TW was a simulator. I had to say yes, since Links is so old. It's a shame
  11. King's North, The Witch (a little less expensive then other courses named) Pawley's Plantation Man O' War. There's plenty of options to play 36 in a day. Many places have 2 or 3 courses right next to each other. Conditions are hot or miss at Tidewater, and it's a bit of a drive. But it's a very nice course. Good Luck!
  12. Perhaps they are not well known, but here goes: (in no particular order) - Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff Alberta (my home course) - True Blue, Myrtle Beach S.C. - Stewart Creek, Canmore Alberta - Grey Wolf, Panorama British Columbia - Mauna Lani South, Kohala Coast, Big Island Hawaii - Kananaskis G & CC Mount Kidd, Kananaskis Alberta
  13. Clearly that is the golf channels market. Who else has weekdays off to watch golf? I work in the Hospitality industry so I do, but that's only a small population. Remember that Fore inventors only? Remember what won? A clothes pin shaped apparatus that keeps your clubs of the ground, and easier to pickup. "no more bending over" Well as far as I am concerned that is a direct tell of the market. Second place was the video camera, and swing analysis software. Would the older crowd vote for something technological, or or a cloth pin that prevents you from bending over??? It's no surprise,
  14. To get the best poutine in town you have to go to Barpa Bill's , a small hole in the wall place, family owned. It happens to be authentically Greek. However there's a need to for good poutine in this town, and Barpa's fills the gap. There isn't REALLY good poutine anywhere in this part of the country. Poutine is traditionally made with cheese curds, and the air is too dry to produce curd. For dinner, Maple Leaf has great food. The atmosphere is great there, and the service is hit or miss. The Grizzly House has exotic meats & fondue. The Bow Valley Grill has consistently great foo
  15. Thanks, we don't hear enough about Myrtle around here
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