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  1. wow! it's been about 6 or 7 months since i've been on here... so disappointing, but i'm ready to get back! anyway, yesterday, on the second hole at my home course, i hit my second shot to within 10 feet with a 6 iron. left my putt about 6 inches short, but made par anyway! going again today to another place near where i live, maybe i'll top it!
  2. Have you ever hit that perfect shot? Not necessarily a 300 yard drive, or a hole in one, that sort of thing, but the one that feels so good coming off the club, and goes right where it was supposed to, just like you imagined? That feeling is why golf is so addicting. Because once you get that feeling, you just want to feel it again and again and again.
  3. I had broken and dislocated my ankle in April, and it was never reset correctly by a doctor (I had popped it back into the socket right after it happened). Somehow, this caused a large spot of dead bone to develop on my tibia. The surgery was to remove the chunk of dead bone. I was on crutches for a month (September 8 - October 4), and I actually recovered very quickly after that. Thanks for asking!
  4. nhwoj

    The Golf Ball

    It depends on your type of game. I play pretty much irons only, and I hit balls with really high trajectory, so everything pretty much lands and stops. Hell, I've backed up 4 irons in the fairway. So if I decided I liked a ball, but it was high-spin, It wouldn't work. As someone above suggested i believe, get fitted for a ball, it's probably your best bet for lowering scores.
  5. Looking into some new iron sets. Just wanting to know a little about these clubs - pros, cons, etc. because most golf stores only tell you what you want to hear... Ping G10's come 3-PW, Wilson Di11's come 4-GW, and Wilson Ci9's also come 4-GW. All sets are the same price, $500. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! One last note: The G10's come with a 0.75° upright lie, or I can get 4-PW instead for $440 with a standard lie. I tend to hit the ball really high, and I'm pretty sure upright lie gives you a higher launch angle, correct? Thanks again for any and all feedback.
  6. Hello Sand Trap! My first blog post comes on the same day as my last round of the season. I thought my season was over last weekend, but I was pleasantly surprised last weekend with some birthday cash (3 months late - but hey, I'm not complaining) that allowed me to get in another round this weekend (as well as a new divot tool). My home course has a junior rate of $10 after noon, so I decided to try and squeeze in 18 there before sunset at 4:30 instead of going down to Green Meadows about 30 minutes south. The course was deserted and I ended up playing a nice 27 all by myself. I only saw 6 ot
  7. I always have to have my clubs in the right order in my bag... in numerical order of course (with the putter next to the driver). Except for the wedges. I allow them free reign to align themselves however they please. I just like to have everything in perfect order.
  8. That's the one I use too. Really simple, and easy to use, rather than dealing with all the offical GHIN stuff.
  9. A hybrid/rescue is much easier to hit than a wood, especially from the rough. I also find hybrids/rescues much more versatile in that they can hit from the tightest of tight lies and are useful for pretty much anything... punch shots under trees, and even stuff you wouldn't expect. If you're having a bad day chipping? Roll one on from the rough with your hybrid. Awful with those greenside sand shots? If there's no lip, try rolling it out of there with your hybrid, if the sand conditions allow it (you'll find at most muni's, they will).
  10. Welcome to the Sand Trap... I'm pretty new here too, and it's awesome to see what golf is like around the world. It's amazing to me to see so many people playing in places I wouldn't have thought of, like Singapore and Malaysia!
  11. Have never played here, it's a little far away (Jackson, NH) from where I am, but it looks beautiful and I really appreciate covered bridges... so this was an obvious choice for me!
  12. Good point. That's what most of my predicament is, making sure she has fun but also learns about the game too.
  13. My nine year old sister wants me to take her to our local 9-hole short course this weekend. She has never played golf before but is eager to learn. What would you guys say the most important things she needs to learn are, and how would you go about teaching young kid? Feel free to share your experiences teaching younger kids and first timers, and any advice helps. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  14. Same here. Not that it matters, he's looking for good player's opinions...
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