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  1. bullseye

    Pet Peeves

    someone who picks up the flag stick before the last putt, god that's awful--our rule is last putter replaces the stick end of story. I play in a threesome so once in a while somebody joins us and of course we explain the stick rule and of course they pick it up on the first green ready to javelin it into the cup. So next green, one of us simply stands on the stick, they get the message.Oh, and people who chew scoal or sunflower seeds and spit on the greens.
  2. I had a similar problem,however I was letting my arm float out too far and found in that position its a lot easier for me to over rotate so I worked on really keeping my right arm in really tight. Now if I hook one I know in a nano sec after impact that i didn't keep it in.So now most of my misses are pushes---ain't golf wonderful. cheers
  3. Can you give us a little more info ie.what did you correct (concerning the swing, not the hook) and what does it do for you. When you started swinging leaving your hand on the club were you not breaking your wrist as fast or what??? thanks
  4. Left foot turned out 45 degrees, back about two inches, ball in the middle. I think about hitting slightly on an upstroke to insure back to front roll. Some people disagree and feel they want to stroke it so the putter head hits it dead level but like i said, with an open stance there is a tendency to pull it a little left and getting that over spin seems to work good for me.
  5. I have always used an open stance (45 years) for the very reason of which you stumbled on. I can see the line better, I don't have to keep swiveling my head up as much. One does have a tendency to miss left though-for r/h putters.
  6. I agree with sacm3bill, are you a hitter or a swinger? hitters right arm (righty) is straight at impact swingers pull through with the right arm slightly bent. best if you knew. Zeph, i can't believe you said start from the top that's golf blasphemy---ha ha That is exactly what I do-- I never thought I would hear someone admit it. Force boy, its all about timing-timing-timing. cheers
  7. I haven't worn a glove since 1963, when I was 14.
  8. Ok in all seriousness I'm getting a little worried about the ball flight laws. I really don't want to have to think about one more thing that can go wrong. So here's what I do. I pick a blade of grass about two feet in front on my ball, that's in line with the target, and take extreme care to square the face to that spot, I then square my hips and shoulders to that line. Then I swing away hopefully in-square-in along my plane. Please tell me if i need to do something different, the Tom Watson thing really confused me.
  9. So can you imagine Fred couples trying to swing like Jim Furyk or v/v how about both of them swinging like Ryan Moore.
  10. Why not try the step through drill, it's really weird at first but it helped me get through the ball. Go ahead, take a step like gary Player.There is a great little instructional vid by ringer daman at gateway to better golf,might help cheers
  11. My buddy, hitting a seven iron, took a big whack at it and took a beautiful divot. Problem was, the divot started about seven inches behind the ball and simply folded up and over it (ruling please). After replacing the divot,unfolding it back that is,he takes another whack this time hitting two trees and ricocheting back to within one foot forward of the previous lie(hey I'm not making this up). So third whack, catches it clean I see it slicing toward the next tee box( looking through tears of laughter) wham right into the garbage can. I was literally sitting on the fairway in uncontrolled l
  12. I have a two hundred yard driving range ( with a grass tee box ) across my horse pastures. A sixty yard pitching area, a chipping area across the front lawns and a sand trap. Hey don't hate me I have ten acres what can I say. Cheers
  13. Lee trevino when asked why he never had a swing coach said---find one that can beat me and I'll listen to him.
  14. First congats, Hogan in his five fundamentals mentions that if an amateur (mid hcp) has a round in the 70s,it's quite an accomplishment. You probably put no pressure on yourself trying to perform in front of other players, something to keep in mind. cheers
  15. I'm curious as to why you play it off your left toe.As I said in my post i have to rely on the set angle of the club to tell me where to play it, however I do adjust a little, never over a half inch and only to insure head behind ball at impact and hands through before club head.Are your hands at address forward of your inner left thigh? like I said just curious.
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