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  1. Been in the same league for over 20 years. Course we played at (at the time) had a par-3 right next to the clubhouse. Water on the right, big sloped hill on the left. Once everyone got done, we'd all pitch in a buck and play closest to the pin since we were the last group of the night. One week, guy hits first, pulls it left up on the hill, everyone watches it bounce down off the hill, hit the stick, falls in the hole. Nobody else got in that week. :)
  2. I'd go to Home Depot and buy a Kohler toilet seat just to confuse the hell out of him. Worth every penny of the $15 it would cost just for the laughs, depending on his sense of humor.
  3. I just made the switch to a Mac in the past couple of months. Couldn't be happier. I work from home and don't really need the portability of a laptop so I ended up getting a new Mac Mini. There's a slight learning curve but I look at it more of a "breaking Windows habits" type thing. Usually just basic things but I've yet to come across anything that either I or Google couldn't figure out. I do still have to run Parallels and have a virtual machine for Windows (for a couple of work related programs) and it's a snap to use. I was already pretty heavily invested in the Apple ecosyste
  4. I'm a big fan of Evernote. Honestly never thought I'd use it as much as I do, but it seems like I use it almost daily. Nice that it syncs between all my devices (desktop, iPhone, iPad). Probably use it and my password management app (Keeper) the most of anything.
  5. Pretty sure it's the real Brandel since he just mentioned Erik and the site by name on Golf Central (and this thread).
  6. Before I found out about Pure Grips, I was a full cord user. As much as I play and as much as I'm at the range, they just ripped up my hands too bad. Keys for me are to make sure I clean my grips regularly (again, I use Pure Pros) to keep the oils/sweat off and if it's hot and humid and my hands are in sweaty pig mode (which really happens most at the range) I keep cold water with me. Pour some water on your hands...sweaty hands fixed.
  7. I definitely understand the "sweaty pig mode", especially if I'm at the range on a nice hot and humid day. Which to be fair, is exactly the set of circumstances in which I tried out the DTX. Hot, humid, sweaty and at the range...so it probably wasn't a fair test. My friend who has the DTX is a "sweater" (big time) and he loves them. I think it's just one of those personal preference things. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of change so if it wasn't my Pure Pro's it was already an uphill battle. :)
  8. I'm a HUGE fan of Pure Grips and have used them for years (Pure Pro). I tried the DTX, and like jackieMoon, I for some reason found them slick. And before Pure Grips I as a corded grip user. I was very shocked. Put I put the DTX grips on a buddy's clubs and he absolutely loves them. Look exactly like the OP's. Still couldn't get me to use another brand of grips, that's for sure.
  9. I don't even understand why this was a topic for the media. Not only was it the "right" thing for Phil and Rickie to do, it was also the smart thing for them to do. One of the advantages of playing in the final group is, for lack of a better term, knowing what you need to do. In this case, Phil and Rickie had the advantage of seeing what Rory did. For instance: both Phil and Rickie went into the 18th knowing they had to go for eagle. If Rory's tee shot had found water...think they'd have changed their second shot? Maybe, maybe not...but by the same token, Rory didn't have the normal "adv
  10. My friends and I take our golf trip the 3rd week in July every year (we're in the Cincinnati area) for 20+ We usually go somewhere a couple of hours away; Lexington, Indy, Louisville, etc. You being in Dayton know how hot and miserable it can be. So why am I not as excited as you for the Polar Vortex next week, since it is the 3rd week in July? Because my idiot friends decided this year would be a great year to go to Naples, FL for our trip. So instead of us having close to picture perfect weather for playing golf all day long....well, y'know. I don't want to talk about it anymore.
  11. Just saw this thread and thought I'd chime in. If anyone knows what you're going through...believe me I do. I quit dipping the day after Christmas. Dipped for over 30 years and was dipping about 2 or 2.5 cans per day and like you...Copenhagen. It's not easy. Still isn't for me but believe me..it's worth the fight. I realized that when I went to the dentist a few months ago and watched my wife cry with happiness when the dentist said no oral cancer signs. I still get cravings and "triggers"; one I got through the shakes of nicotine, it was the oral fixation that I really missed-not
  12. Clubchucker

    iOS 7

    My upgrade went pretty flawlessly. Started on it when I got back from the driving range, and while it did take a little longer that previous upgrades (having to do iTunes/etc) I didn't encounter anything "strange". That being said, maybe it's because I've only had my iPhone a little over a year and a half, so most likely I still remember what a pain in the a$$ it was every time my Blackberry had an update. That was generally a cluser-___. Hopefully updating my wife's iPhone and the iPad will go smooth as well.
  13. Last year I decided to see how good I could get with a lot more practice. My normal schedule was 9 hole league once a week and then usually 18 on the weekend, or if I was lucky played both Sat/Sunday. Decided to join the range program at a course right by my house (flat fee for all the range balls I want) and believe me...got my moneys worth. Luckily I work from home, so I would run over on my lunch hour to hit a bucket, chip and putt...whatever I was working on. I tried not to hit balls more than 2 days in a row just because...well, I am getting older, so sometimes I'd just go over and ch
  14. You will not be disappointed with the P2's. I use the PURE Pro myself but I've put the P2 grips on quite a few of my buddy's clubs and they all love them. While I've not used the GP Tour Wraps I have used other GP grips and I can say there's no question in my mind that PURE's will last a lot longer. I was hesitant to try PURE's myself for the first time and now I'd never put anything else on my clubs. I would suggest you do the same thing iacas suggested to me: email PURE (or on Twitter) and ask them if they would send you a sample of the P2 to try. My guess is they'd be more than happy to.
  15. Agreed. Best grips out there; wouldn't think about putting anything else on my clubs (and I've tried them all). As for your question on the white grips, I just took a set of the PURE Pro's in white off my clubs. Not because they were worn our or even looking bad; I just wanted a different color. Still looked like new after a lot of rounds and a hell of a lot of range balls. Every set of PURE grips I've taken off is because I wanted a color change-not because they were worn out.
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