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  1. It is hard to keep calm on the golf course at times, I myself have not thrown but "passed " the odd club back to my bag, although I have realised over the last couple of years if you can stay calm and gain some patiance your handicap will come down :) It was only this year I saw someone I got grouped with in a comp throw his wedge up in the air, the funny thing was it ended up a tree and he had to climb it to get it back, it was a good 30 foot up. Also another drawn group I played with a senior member and he went mad after knocking some branches on a back swing and started hacking away at the tree like a lumber jack, I as absolutely gob smacked. He then later chopped a couple of greens with his putter after missing 2 footers, hence to say he was reported after that as if he can do that in a board event what is he like when he is out with his so called regular players.
  2. Get a 56* with 8/10 bounce, dont buy a new one just something second hand. Most versatile club you can have mate a mentioned earlier, flop shots, full, chipping and out of sand. Good luck with what ever you do :)
  3. Hi, Sorry I didnt explain myself properly. I understand stableford, what I wanted to know is there some sort of card like some players carry with them to work the difference of handicaps out etc at the beginning of matches but so show the points system. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi all, I need a little help, my daughter is attending college and is studying a sports degree in golf. She is having a little trouble getting around the scoring system in stableford games. Does anyone know of anything I can get her like a carry card which helps work out the score against SI and handicap. Thanks in advance :)
  5. It may of had the worst ratings and tied with last years but maybe that was where you are from, also it may have been boring to watch and could of been played over 4 holes with different camera angles. At times I have to agree it was boring but hey thats links golf. it has never been the greatest part of golf to watch it is completly a different way to play its harder in many ways and it is always severly effected by weather. I do prefer a Major event to be close like it was, and I do think it keeps the scoring incredibaly tight. I have to agree on the Peter Alliss comment he is such fool now I shudder when I hear his voice. It was a shame to watch so many big names miss the cut and would of been better to watch if they had made it. I never enjoy watching it unless its at St Andrews but I cant get my way every year :)
  6. Driver 280 - 300 3 wood 250 4h 22 deg 230 3 Iron - 225 4 Iron - 215 5 Iron - 205 6 Iron - 190 7 Iron - 175 8 Iron - 160 9 Iron - 145 PW - 130 52 - 110 60 - 80 full consistant steady swing,
  7. Bought some Bridgestone Treosofts to give them a go and had my trolley bag swapped due to zips breaking, swapped at no cost for a new one so I was happy :)
  8. I have to drink coffee before a round, I find it always gives me a kick start and also always have something to eat ie a chocolate bar or a sausage roll etc while playing to keep my concentration going. I hate feeling hungry while on the course. I never ever eat indian food 36 hours before as it goes through me like a ferarri and i always suffer for a day or so afterwards.
  9. if you lose a ball in water or OOb etc then yeah you can, you can not hit a drive down the fairway or in the rough walk up to it and decide to change the ball...although I dont know the rules for the captains choise Bigjoe was playing, but you defo can not change balls during a hole.
  10. waste of money mate, wait till you are more confident and have been playing a while, use a mid range ball and something that doesnt burn a hole in your pocket.
  11. The trade in value on any club is never going to be a great return down the road mate, especially on game improvement irons. I currently use the 09 Burners and have found them outstanding, they are very forgiving. They have been a big help in getting me to where I am today. I have not hit the AP1's but I have hit the AP2's and love them, I am keeping an eye out for a second hand set as a mate uses them and I cant help but keep taking them off him when we play. But for what you are asking all I can say is the Burner 09's are outstanding.
  12. It is a great idea to play without Driver / Woods to settle back into the game and enjoy it. Last year I was playing off a 21 handicap and had done for years, what I could not understand was I could hit my irons so well and make great contact with fairly good accuracy but could not do anything to lower my score. One day I just decided not to play with any woods, 4 iron off every tee apart from Par 3's, i went from hitting 92/96 ish to mid 80's straight away. I do use a driver now and again and use a 3 wood now also but only from certain tee's. People go on about distance and I watch people try and smash the ball 270 - 280 yards down the fairway, I come along and hit my 4 Iron around 220, The difference is I realise i can hit a nice 7 or 8 iron on or close to the green and they end up in the tree's or giving themselves a demanding 2nd shot. It is not about distance, its about course management and thinking about what you are going to do and enjoy it!! its a great idea mate and good luck!. Driving for show!! putting for dough!!
  13. I use Golfshot on my iphone now and again not just for yardages but also the scorecard feature to follow my stats. I play quite a few comps throughout the year, and last year played some Volvo Team Tour dates, there was not a problem with the App been used and also rangefinders were allowed however i dont own one. If i enter a comp and the iphone is not allowed i dont have a problem with that, again I think its people just finding things to moan about. Again this bloke just reminds me of the usual crowd who just sit there in the club house moaning about everything after a round and just wont understand if they concentrated on their game instead of everything else they might start enjoying it again.
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