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  1. If I lose does the consolation prize include a pruno making kit?
  2. On sale now at Costco, $79.99 with an extra set of tags. Bundle Includes Game Golf Live and 36 Smart Tags for up to 2 Sets of Clubs Golf Game Live - Costco Enjoy!
  3. Look what showed up on my Flipboard feed this morning? Pretty cool.
  4. Product Name: Players Towel Product Type: Accessory (Golf Towel) Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/ Cost: $24.95 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness 5: Durability:5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 My Member Review For background, my previous "towel" method has always been to have the normal 12" X 18" towel handing from the accessory clip of my stand bag. I would never remove it, wash it, or even wet it during a round. I have played with a lot of people who will do this religiously, but for me, I never felt the need. When I receiv
  5. Second one: Trackman Tuesday (Episode 2): Driver Loft Third one: Trackman Tuesday (Episode 3): Better Ball Striking
  6. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but Golf WRX has started a new "Trackman Tuesday" series. First one: Trackman Tuesday (Episode 1): Drive it Longer
  7. This is really impressive, I think you should be earning some kind of commission from Mevo. I am inspired by this and will probably look to purchase one once the bills from Christmas clear. I would also be open to buying anyone's 2nd hand one if they don't feel it was a good purchase. Thanks for posting, great results!
  8. Yes, I understand all of this and it's one idea I had. I know the opportunity lost concept, but a lot of the prework can be done in front of The Crown or Stranger Things, etc. Good feedback so far, that's why I posted it. I would rather have a passive income source (for obvious reasons), but those are harder to establish.
  9. It all depends of the number of units sold. Assuming I only sell for 1 hour each visit and sell 10-20 times, it's $100-200 profit for the hour. IF this was done twice a week and sustainable (which are both unknown likelihoods) then it would net $10-15K a year. Heck, I'm open to other side hustles if you have suggestions.....West Coast Mevos distributor? LOL
  10. Not sure yet, the goal would be to keep it legal/semi-legal so off property but close enough to attract the needed traffic. Toyed with the idea of handing out a one ball sample wrapped in marketing material, etc. I would not attempt on course in any way without approval, which, as you stated, I would not likely get.
  11. I see your points, however, I don't think I'm charging more than most premier re-sellers (lostgolfballs,com, golfballsdirect.com, etc) I am looking at 15 for $20, I would like to stick to a "whole" number on the price to make the transactions simple and convenient. Again, these would be impulse/convenience driven purchases. Like any model, it needs to be tested and that will be the next step. i do appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the feedback. My focus is creating a small-time side hustle as a way to get some disposable income. For that to happen, the model needs
  12. The idea would not work if I had to collect all the golf balls that were being resold, that is not a very sustainable model unless I spent 1 hour a day walking golf courses or getting scuba certified. I would be buying used and reselling at a marked up rate due to the convenience/opportunity factor. The target market are not hyper-tuned golfers who can detect the difference between new and used. The golf course I would target initially (which @Lihu knows well) has two 18 hole tracks and has a back 9 option on both. This means that most mornings, between sunrise and 60 minutes
  13. I appreciate all the feedback and votes so far.
  14. They would come from a reputable supplier of used golf balls, most would come from water hazards, none would be refinished.
  15. I'm thinking of a side hustle where I would provide mint/near mint golf balls at a few local courses on a schedule, say once a week on Fridays as an example. This would be done in a legal/official manner and not out of my trunk on the side of the road. The golf balls would all be premium models and available in quantities of 6 or 14 (dozen plus 2 bonus). Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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