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  1. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    The idea would not work if I had to collect all the golf balls that were being resold, that is not a very sustainable model unless I spent 1 hour a day walking golf courses or getting scuba certified. I would be buying used and reselling at a marked up rate due to the convenience/opportunity factor. The target market are not hyper-tuned golfers who can detect the difference between new and used. The golf course I would target initially (which @Lihu knows well) has two 18 hole tracks and has a back 9 option on both. This means that most mornings, between sunrise and 60 minutes past there are 4 groups going out every 6-10 minutes, that a pretty high volume of traffic.
  2. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I appreciate all the feedback and votes so far.
  3. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    They would come from a reputable supplier of used golf balls, most would come from water hazards, none would be refinished.
  4. I'm thinking of a side hustle where I would provide mint/near mint golf balls at a few local courses on a schedule, say once a week on Fridays as an example. This would be done in a legal/official manner and not out of my trunk on the side of the road. The golf balls would all be premium models and available in quantities of 6 or 14 (dozen plus 2 bonus). Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  5. Seeking Five Members for Players Towel Reviews

    I would be interested in reviewing, not happy with the size/function of my current towel. Thanks!
  6. My Swing (Lihu)

    That is a great course, one of my favorites. I'm surprised the starter didn't tell you about the lateral and wood chip rules, they do that with me every time I go there. The fairways are known to be very hard thus the extra role, which is a nice reward for hitting the fairways. I think their green fees are a bit high for that course, but if you can get out on their "bargain" Tuesdays, it's not terrible, plus it keeps the crowds away, not like Brookside. Brad
  7. My Swing (bmartin461)

    Started with a new instructor yesterday, they have Trackman and all the automatic video setups which is pretty cool. My first lesson involved moving my feet wider apart, straightening my legs and bending over at the hips more (closer to the ball). The changes were dramatic, ball striking improved immediately. I hope I can work these changes into the game.
  8. Debating on buying a new grill

    I'll second this, Weber grill are very high quality and they back it up with a lifetime warranty that is second to none. Mine is outside 365 days a year, and not a single part has rust on it, I do cover it maybe 50% of the time, but still. Be sure you get the one you want, because you won't replace your Weber for 10-15 years at least. Did I mention I'm a fan of the Weber brand? LOL
  9. This one might be for @iacas or @mvmac, but open to anyone's opinion. I'm a right-handed player and on my right hand, the joint between the tip and 2nd bone was fused together because of a baseball injury when I was in little league. The result of this injury is I cannot bend it at all, say to wrap it around the grip when setting up for a shot. My question is, how much does the right trigger finger play a role in controlling any aspect of the swing? Obviously, I have compensated for it and I don’t ever think about it when I play, but a recent post showing the Ben Hogan grip made me think of it again as it clearly shows him wrapping the finger around the grip. Any thoughts?
  10. Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    I would love to win the Speed Cart GT https://shop.sunmountain.com/Speed-Cart-GT-20119-detail.html in White-Cobalt! I have owned a Sun Mountain Speedcart for many years and love it, the design is great and it is very reliable. My oldest daughter is starting high school golf this coming fall so this would be for her, need to start them young with Sun Mountain quality!
  11. Are you all going to yell "Get in the hole" and "Bababooey" after every shot? LOL
  12. I don't think he will break 127. Can you pair him up with 3 other strangers, preferably better players? Also, would be good to get an announcer on the first team to call out names, exchange scorecards etc. I remember my first tourney, the nerves do a lot to alter your ability.
  13. Planning first golf buddies trip. What do the wives do?

    You are thinking like a guy here, when women get together, time is no longer relevant. A spa day will be a full day, you won't need to worry. My recommendation to you would be to put a schedule together, so everyone is on the same page, that way you will be able to carve out the time you need for golf and let the wife know when she needs to self entertain. 7AM group breakfast 8:30 - 4:30 men are golfing (2 rounds per day right??) 6:00PM group dinner etc. etc. etc.
  14. Booking tee times as a single?

    Well, if you booked on-line for an earlier time as a single, then you would have a reservation for that time and the course would most likely honor it. They are probably giving you a later time verbally as they are more confident there would be room at that particular hour. Either way, you will be fine.

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