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  1. Hi All My handle from both my love for golf and playing online games. The definition of Bogey in the Miriam Webster Dictionary: "something or someone that causes fear or dread especially without reason". This came in as a handy name as a soldier in the games and linking it to a nightmare in golf (a 7 on a par 5, hate that). I've stumbled on the forum via Google (Trying to read up on the Titleist 735.CM) and what a find. Love the website, will visit often. I play the following clubs: Driver: Callaway Great Big Bertha II, 9.5 degree, Grafalloy Blue X 3W: Callaway Steelhead III, 15 degree, S300 5W: Callaway Steelhead III, 19 degree, S300 Irons: Titleist 690.CB, S300 (Replaced Callaway X-16 Pro Series 4 weeks ago). Wedges: Callaway Forged + 52 degree, Callaway Forged + 60 degree Putter: Knight (Replaced $120 White Hot #5 with this $20 Walmart Special 2 months ago. Hey, It works, I love it!!!!) Well, read you soon. If anyone plays a Titleist 503.H, 19 degree, S300, please let me know how you find it, how it compares to your 3-iron carry and roll wise, and how does it play out of bunkers and tight lies. I'm considering replacing my 5-wood with it. Thanks Double Bogey 7
  2. Titleist 660, 735

    I just bought Titleist 690.CB, S300 Steel. If I knew these were coming, I may not have. But then again, I love my new clubs.
  3. What's In Your Bag?

    Hi all. I'm new to The Sand Trap and I'm about an 11 handicapper. I live in Ohio but I'm originally from South Africa. I have these in my bag: -Callaway Great Big Bertha II, 9.5 degree, Grafalloy Blue X -Callaway Steelhead III 3-wood, 15 degree, S300 -Callaway Steelhead III 5-wood, 19 degree, S300 (Will replace with Titleist 503.H, 19 degree, S300, soon.) Recently replaced my Callaway X-16 Pro Series, Stiff Constant Weight Rifle with -Titleist 690.CB, S300 -52 degree Callaway Forged + -60 degree Callaway Forged + Recently replaced White Hot #5 with -Knight putter from Walmart. -Callaway HX Hot golf ball.