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  1. i would have to go with luke donald, he has a great all round game to do well at the majors. finished well at a few majors so far and can see him winning one this year. as for sergio garcia and adam scott, they have been tipped for winning majors at nearly every major by many people but they never seem to do anything. its only a matter of time!
  2. i usually play a full round every saturday and sunday during the golf season. in the summer i'll play a full round on mondays, thursday and fridays after work in the evening. if im not playing full rounds, i'll be out on the greens practising my short game. during the winter i'll hardly play at all, just 2 nights a week at the driving range
  3. i was playing in the final of a big open tournament when i was 15, me and my opponent had both hut the fairway on the long par 5. the guy i was playing laid up, and as i was 2 down i decided to go at it with the 3 wood. i hut one of the biggest hooks ever....i knew the match was over while watching the ball in the air heading towards the bushes....the ball bounced off a rubbish bucket next to the 17th tee and bounced about 30 yards onto the green about 6 feet away from the cup, holed it for an eagle and to win the hole. lost the match on the next hole tho!
  4. tin cup, happy gilmore and bagger vance are all brilliant, own them all, seen them all so much times....and there still brilliant!
  5. Im a newbie to this forum and this season will be my 5th season of golf. I managed to really improve last year and i hope to do the same this year...heres some goals... Maintain my tempo if im swinging well, i start swingin faster and everything starts going downhill. i really need to concentrate on trying to block this out of my game Lower handicap to 2.9 or below Win club championship finished 2nd to the same guy 2 years in a row and would really like to win it this year. Improve short game at the moment i have a decent short game for the level of golf that i play, however, i would really like to develop it so that it becomes one of the strongest parts of my game. i'd like to be a bit more creative and be able to vary the shots around the green.
  6. Hey Everyone! My name is Bruce and i live in Scotland. I work as a Architectural Technician for a big construction company in the North East of Scotland. I can view the forum all day!!!
  7. Hi Everyone I've just registered so i'm just getting the hang of this. my home course is http://www.strathlenegolfclub.co.uk/index.htm