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  1. My outlook on golf has changed as I age. I joined a private club two seasons ago and have gone from a 15.5 index down to a 10.5 index. My course has taught me how to play better golf. My main goal in golf is to enjoy myself and the camaraderie of my playing partners, which more frequently now includes my kids I have taken more instruction as well, now having access to a competent coach. This has improved my technique, but I am not really seeing statistical proof of that improvement showing up yet - just tends to give me confidence and (maybe) eliminates a few blow-ups that might have
  2. I voted no - in my case it was a complete non-runner over 16 years of marriage. During the years we had kids, I basically gave up the game to devote time to our family and to our house. With the expectation that normal golf patterns would resume as the kids aged and as life got simpler. Needless to say this did not occur and became a substantial source of conflict and discontent. As golf was my primary social (and physical) activity, this was a very big problem for me. While golf was not the reason for our separation, it was a strongly symbolic aspect that made me realize how impo
  3. Pretty sure they were chip and Pin in 2002 when I was there - Europe is miles ahead in this regard. In Canada we have been using since 2006/7/8. Not sure why the US would only go to Chip though - the PIN is what protects people. The Chip basically, as said, is harder to copy, therefore protecting only the card company. With Chip someone can still steal your card and use it by signing anything - with a PIN (unless it is written on the card - don't laugh - common occurrence in early days), no such luck.
  4. As I recall, David Duval had his great stretch also after slimming down.
  5. Did anyone else experience the pixelation issue after upgrading? It is kinda driving me crazy - I can't identify the trigger but parts of the screen just go kooky pixelated. Web search shows it to be a known issue, but sadly haven't found out how to fix it yet. It is a 2010 27" iMac.
  6. I was there earlier this year doing some diagnostics - very cool experience. Did trackman, the jacket /vest thing and and an anaysis on the hydraulic putting table/surface. It was a great insight and gave my instructor some very good data to aid my development plan. It actually went out of business but was recently resurrected - thankfully. Highly recommended if you finds yourself in Toronto and have the chance.
  7. Last winter, I decided to devote more time to putting. Bought a 7 foot golf hole/mat thingy from eBay. Hooked up my iPhone to the putter using the cradle. Worked on path and open/closed stats and just getting a nicely repeatable stroke going on. Made lots of putts (probably 50-100 per day, 3-4 days per week) - made games for myself - like not being able to stop until at least 20 6 footers had been made. Got to a really reliable stroke that helped me take 3-4 strokes off my putting game. Now I find the putter doesn't really matter - I have a good few and can make r
  8. I used to take it (now on Crestor) but never had the died effects you mention - you should infirm your doctor. Muscle soreness is a known side effect though.
  9. I routinely buy recycled balls, mint grade or better' and find them to be excellent value. I bought reconditioned balls once and found then much less satisfactory. The paint scheme was different than original and the refinished paint same off quite easily resulting in very shabby looking balls after a few shots, so that was not a good outcome for me.
  10. If you live near a Ping center they will adjust for free (while I waited in my case) and it is a great experience as well. If you don't live nearby I think they still do the adjustments for free and you only pay for shipping. Just a thought.
  11. For. Me it is a combination of practice and playing. I am a 14 hcp and need to play at least 40 rounds per year (I am in Canada in a shorter season), and need to do range work twice per week to show better scores - I got down to 11 hcp two years ago in this manner. If I play and practice half that I get worse or stagnate in terms of scoring. But I am not a natural athlete and I need to do work to progress. I have friends who don't play and practice and can break 80 on almost any day :-(
  12. When you are in Dublin, there are also some options. Port Marnock is only ~ 25 minutes from the city centre, Royal Dublin is on Dublin Bay as is Royal St Annes. St Margaret's is near the airport (somewhat) and the Island is not far. As mentioned, Dooks is a good West Ireland option - with a great story. Each hole was designed by separate members and so it somewhat quirky but fun. Waterville is interesting. Killarney is fun. Mount Juliet, in Kilkenny is a Nicklaus course. Ballybunnion is an experience - get a caddy to make it more fun, if they still have the caddy service.
  13. You cannot go wrong with a clicgear. Great carts on all fronts. If you are at all DIY inclined, it is getting easier and easier to pickup older versions that you can refurb quite cheaply. You can buy almost every replacement part you may need. I have picked up a 1.0 for well under $100 and had to spend only $40 to get the functions of a 2.0.
  14. I have played all three and greatly favour the E5. Off driver and Irons it behaves, even in the wind and feels like magic on the wedges and putter - for me. I found the DT Solo and E6 to be slightly longer but also found them to be quite unpredictable when the green was close by. YMMV.
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