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  1. It's starting on target and drawing. I play the ball in the middle of my stance on 9-7, little more forward 6-4, and 3 iron a little more forward then that. I've been told that it's a result of my short backswing (due to multiple shoulder injuries/surgeries) and being used to taking a slap shot for 20+ years instead of a golf swing.
  2. Driver - 280+ 3 wood - 255 3 hybrid - 240 3 iron - 224 4 iron - 215 5 iron - 205 6 iron - 190 7 iron - 178 8 iron - 164 9 iron - 154 pw - 140 sw - 128 lw - 109 I am strong like bull.
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble with my iron game. After a month off from swinging, I have now picked up a rather large draw. Sometimes I can play it, other times it's just too much draw. I believe my problem is that I'm turning my hands over too much during the follow-thru. What are the best drills to help fix my problem? Thanks.
  4. Just decide whether to remove the 3i or hybrid and gear up on the wedges. Your setup is very similar to mine.
  5. Yeah, I've started to just stick to my razorblade to get it out. It's killin' my fingers though. I'll try the thumbtack, thanks!
  6. Those red, yellow, and blue Vokey's look great. So do the yellow and black Vokeys and the Scotty! I have a queastion... What way did you find best when removing the old paint? I tried the nail polish on the q-tip, then dab it on and let it sit, but I found it difficult to get the paint off. I had to use a razor to scratch it off. Is there an easier way where it'll just come right off?
  7. Driver= 300+ 3W= 260+ 3H= 240-250 4i= 215-225 5i= 205-215 6i= 190-205 7i= 175-190 8i= 165-175 9i= 145-165 pw= 130-145 gw= 115-130 sw= 70-115 lw= 0-70 can't seem to fly this more then 70yds.
  8. A lot of snow here in OH, please go to 70 degrees soon. haha yeahhhh.... Winter sucks!
  9. Super Bowl predictions? 24-21 GB
  10. The snow is killin' me too... But, the other day I took my putter in to be cut an inch, and bought a TigerShark thick putter grip. Feels good putting on carpet, we'll just have to wait and see come Spring time (please hurry). Until then,
  11. I just switched the number color on my AP1's from black to red and changed some minor things on my Vokey's from black to red. Now it all basically matches my bag. Man, I hate my OCD
  12. I played on a line with Stamkos when we were both 12 years old at a Canadian Hockey Tournament All-Star Game. Even at that age, everyone knew the kid was something tenacious. He would skate circles around the others. After him, I'd try and get Duchene. Get a bunch of young kids and let them fly around. It is going to be pretty interesting to see if the Sedin twins get split up.
  13. Glad the All Star Game is here, Red Wings getting back Datsyuk and a couple other players. If you were ASG Captain Nicklas Lidstrom, who would you pick for your team? My vote goes for Stamkos.
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