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  1. k, i ended up buying a Oryx stand bag for 50 bucks new, and a pair of Footjoy Dryjoys for 130, i ended up talking him down from 160 of the msrp on the footjoys, so i was happy, the bag i have is very light, although i am looking into getting alot of nike stuff now. found a few of their balls on the course today and of course hit them, one of them seemed like i hit it with a baseball bat
  2. no thanks on the callaway bag, not a fan of the way they look, im looking into some of the ogios, they look really nice and i read that review of the exo. it looks like a winner to me
  3. alright, i got about a grand or so for graduation, most of it needs saved, but i can spend a little of it right now i have a 3-PW set of irons from a company called Lions, a 3 and 5 wood from the same company, a Ping Anser 2i putter, and a Callaway Hawkeye driver. for 60 dollars i can get a student pass at the local elks club, normally 20 for 18 holes walking, so 3 times out and its paid for itself. because of that, i was considering buying some golf shoes and a new bag. the bag needs to have dual straps and a stand built into it. any suggestions on shoes or bag? what looks good and h
  4. obsessive compulsive disorder...or atleast i think i have a mild case of it....as far as why everything has to be the same brand
  5. aight, my grandpa just gave me a 10 degree Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye driver, and seeing as how my entire bag needs to be the same brand if possible, i was wondering what the best clubs to back it up would be. I have been looking at the fusion irons, but im not sure if the cost would be worth it for my price range and what not. also, what woods, the fusion woods look good, but what about quality and results. another thing i thought about..if possible, was getting like a 2-5 or 3-5 in heavenwoods and then 6-wedges in the irons...is that possible...legal?
  6. wow....went and hit some clubs today, mainly a G2 Ping Driver and a R580 Taylor Made....gotta say i was more a fan of the G2. i didnt think it would look that good going by pix on the net, but in person, that thing is really pretty, especially with the blue on the back. incredibly light too i thought compared to the callaway bbs ive played with. im thinking those g2s arent looking too bad, another is the top of the line nikes. atleast those irons look good. and there is callaway irons, i think big berthas, that looked good too, next demo date is may 14, gonna try out some more then
  7. looking at taylor made R5 series woods and taylor made RAC CGB irons...any thoughts?
  8. well the thing with getting a set of clubs that are forgiving, and then looking to upgrade later, i cant afford that...however, as its a graduation present, i can just get a really nice set now with no need to upgrade...i think is what you all are saying is its better to learn on a set that is more forgiving, and might not have as many control grooves in the face to help with accuracy so as to not accent slices and hooks, but...id rather just get somethin realy nice now and be set for a long time.... im looking into titleist and those ping g2s as we speak? anything else? i like the idea of
  9. i just started out on thsi forum and havent touched the handicap thing...36, i dunno...thats a bit extreme. i havent played a round of golf in several years. i always played baseball though, so my hand eye coordination is good. i figured id have to get them cut to my length too. as far as forgiving...ya, id like that, but i dont want something that has like a 2000 cc head either (a tad bit of exagerating there) thanks for all your help guys keep the opinions coming, and throw some specific clubs my way... ive heard ping and callaway for forgiving, titleist for workability...seems the
  10. k, im 18 years old, getting ready to graduate high school. I am not good at golf, but ive been told by several people that i have talent, its just a matter of never playing. baseball was always my sport, i broke my right arm last year (i was right handed at the time, now somewhat ambidextrous), and it was broken so bad that ill never throw a baseball more than 20 or 30 feet..hard to keep up with varsity baseball when you can hardly throw from pitchers mound to a base, let alone across the field or diamond. anyway, i'm getting back into golf, i played in 7th grade on the junior high team, a
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