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  1. In addition, if the ball position is too far back, this may be the cause of the steep angle of attack.
  2. Opps sorry guys, the No answer is slightly confusing, but I hope you all understand. Ive tried to change the option, butI dont see where to do that. This all started when I went to see my first Pro, he told me he feels he canconvey everythng without the use of a Video camera. So far my lessons are going good, but I do wish I could see myself on video, at least get that out of my mind.
  3. Title Says it all. Video seems to be integral to many coaches now, heck you can even get online coaching now, which soley depends on video use. If your instructor told you he doesnt use video, is that a deal breaker for you?
  4. Do you have the Stack and Tilt DVD's? Remember that drill where he likes to put Tee's under his armpits to keep them closer to the body? I'd say give that a try first.
  5. Just in case some people have no clue what I was talking about, the yellow line in the 3rd pic iswhat I am asking about. It is unclear to me if this are should be slightly bent or straight.
  6. During the downswing, is your right arm supposed to be LOCKED open or FLEXED slightly when the club reaches parallel to the ground? If its fully released, that would be similar to just letting your arms hang down. After watching DVD #2 last night Im a bit confused on where my arm should be.
  7. I didnt see your response until now. Im shocked at your offer. MiniBlueDragon has also offered to help me out. I have the first 2 DVD's and I am working on the other two. You two guys are first class all the way in my book. Thanks for the offer! P.S. I will also be traveling to Chicago this summer. I would be interested in a class around July/Aug. Quote: I'd be happy to purchase and ship DVDs to you if you're unable to get them some other way. Send me a PM if that's okay. Quite honestly, I think traveling to Eastern Africa might be cost prohibitive.
  8. My cousin "sits" down like he's in a chair. The putter handle ends up being as high as his croutch.So he then grabs the shaft low, and strokes away. Its hilarious to me but not to him.
  9. I second that. The stock shaft in my R9 could be used to cane simba at the Big Top, its so whippy. A stiffer shaft is needed even for an average speed golfer.
  10. Sorry, I cant tell you the value, but I can tell you the forgiveness of these irons are unreal. I have a set, and its difficult to NOT hit it straight.
  11. Ah, thats a bit steep. Me personally I wouldnt do that. I think what would be more inportant would be what type of putter you have. ( i.e. straight back and through , or arc).
  12. I want to thank everyone for helping me get started. Here is the pic that MiniBlueDragon sent me. Looks like a great preview.
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