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  1. Sticking with the iPhone/Android theme...another good app is GolfLogix. Free for basic distances on fairway and front/middle/back of green, $20/year for distance to any target plus club tracking and other features. I've been using it since March and I've found it to be very accurate and I love the club tracking feature....IMHO.
  2. I used to be the guy who would break 100 with mulligans, gimmies, OOB without a penalty stroke...until about 3 years ago I played a round with my friend and his Dad, who is a stickler for rules and counting all strokes (as it should be...I know that now). Anyway, I shot an 88 that day (with 1 penalty stroke!) and ever since I've been playing legitimate golf (putting out, penalties for drops, counting the 1' duffs, etc) and have been using one of the online services for a handicap (not official but uses the same calculations). My average score since that time is 94.4 with a handicap of 18.7. Low score in that time frame is an 81 and high score is 110. Since 2009 I've played a total of 30 rounds (I've played more, but the rest have been outings and scrambles that don't count towards my handicap) so you know I'm a weekend golfer...probably even less than some others on this thread. But I've been focusing my range sessions (usually an hour once every week or every 2 weeks) instead of just going and hitting a bucket as quickly as I can, and when I go out to play I'm out there to have fun, but I'm also out there to try and get better. Oh, and I've never had a lesson...just been swinging a golf club for about 20 years.
  3. Like mdl mentioned, my favorite drills change based on what I'm working on at the time. Currently I'm trying to get my putts/gir down, so I'm working on my putting stroke. I like to set up 2 tees even with the ball and about 1/4" from the heel and toe of my putter. This really helps me keep my putter on plane and helps me strike the ball with the center of the putter face. I also like to lay a tee down behind the ball to work on striking up with my putting stroke, trying to eliminate "skipping". If you hit the tee, you're probably pushing the ball which will cause it to skid and skip before coming to a true roll. I second mdl's drill above for iron play. I'm constantly working that drill with my 6, 7 and 8 irons.
  4. +1 for MyScorecard. Have been using it for 2 or so years now and I love it! I love the look of the website, very user friendly. And also like knowing what I need to shoot in my next round to lower my handicap. Tons of stats to choose from and like being able to compare how my game stacks up against the average golfer with my handicap, as well as a low (5) handicapper.
  5. Cleveland Launcher Driver - $79.99 Cleveland Launcher 3W - $110.00 Ping G-10 3-PW - $620 .0 0 Cleveland CG14 SW - $89.99 Odyssey Crimson Series 550 Putter - $59.99 Ogio Grom XX Stand Bag - Christmas Gift (wife got it for $189.99) Grand Total: $1150.00 Ok...I don't want to think about it anymore...
  6. Has anyone been watching this lately? They seem to have changed the format into one student per episode (I've seen Bill Cower and Herm Edwards episodes). Is this the new format for good? How do folks like the change? Personally, being a Steeler fan, when I saw the episode with Cower and thought he was going to be the focus for the whole season, I was really looking forward to it. I don't think having 1 per episode allows you to become invested enough in the outcome...actually when you think about it, there really is no outcome. Just a few instructional range sessions and a few holes on the course with Haney.
  7. Congrats, that's a great start! I'm jealous you're able to play right now...its currently 30 degrees and snowing in Northern VA...
  8. Last year it was only a couple times a month. This upcoming season I'm going to aim for twice a week...one twilight round after work and one early weekend round.
  9. I will be adding a 60* wedge and will be regripping my set, but not replacing anything currently in the bag.
  10. I also got a new bag for Christmas, Ogio Grom XX. Can't wait to get on the course and use it...in 3 months
  11. I just received the new Ogio Grom XX as a Christmas gift and would definitely recommend it! I haven't had a lot of time to mess with it but my first impressions are very good. LOVE the 14 way divider system, lots of pockets varying in size and IMHO the zipperless ball pocket works very well. Before adding my clubs, I put one box of balls in (if you need more than 12 balls during a round...maybe golf isn't the sport for you, ha) and turned the bag upside down (which would not happen during a round, hopefully...) and it stayed closed with no issues. I will admit it was a little bit easier to open than I had imagined, but seems to work just fine! I will say that the legs don't seem to extent out completely every time you set the bag down. I'm hoping it just needs some use before they loosen up enough to completely extend every time. I've always heard really good things about the other bags discussed above as well, just a personal preference really. Hope this helps and good luck!
  12. White Under Armour mock compression shirt, a couple gift cards for travismathew.com , 52* and/or 60* Vokey wedge(s)...but what I'm REALLY hoping for is a new 2012 Ogio Grom XX stand bag (blue weave)! C'mon Santa!
  13. One thing is for sure...he's KILLING my fantasy team...
  14. Cleveland CG14 56/14 Looking to add a Vokey 60* for those times I need it to land a bit softer.
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