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  1. been checking some of my old gloves (yes I keep some for practice lol) and everything you have said is me to a tee (pardon the pun) I really think it's time to have my 1st golf lesson, I have really enjoyed my first season with golf albeit frustrating sometimes I'm really glad I found this forum as everyone is so helpful cheers guys :)
  2. I totally understand my practice swings feel really good but it's when I get over the ball lol I suppose i'm on the right track knowing I have a tension problem lol
  3. Well tried my best today to stay loose but it just got worse all of my body was tense lol I think part of it is my lack of flexibility and overall fitness for which I'll work on over winter and considering i have been only playing just over a year possibly time for some lessons to make sure i'm getting the fundamentals right :)
  4. Cheers guys great tips I shall endeavour to reduce the white knuckle ride lol
  5. No thanks and erm no thanks :P
  6. I seem to suffer from just too much ... in my grip through my arms and upper torso. i really try to stay loose even more so in my grip but once i start my downswing the white knuckle grip of death creeps in lol Anyone got any tips as i'm sure this is a common fault :P
  7. and I totally agree tbh my first choice if going on looks alone would be the Mizuno Bettinardi C02 Putter but i have not found any where to try it out but I have tried the Newport and loved the feel as that style of putter really suites me and like I said putting imo is an art form so in reality it does not matter if you have a scotty or some clapped out bladed putter from crazy golf as long as you can use it! :P
  8. Hello all, Been playing golf for about 14 months now and well what can I say apart from there should be health warning signs at golf courses "Golf is very addictive"
  9. imho golf is a game of skill and I have 13 clubs for that! putting is an artform so why not have a piece of art in your hands roll on jan 2011 SC newport here I come lol
  10. the 18th par 3 180 yards ball went right of the green and sat on top of the bunker (not in it lol) so i must have been about 15 yards from the pin took my 60 degree wedge (aimed to flop it onto the green and let it dribble to the flag) no i end up with a slight thin ball flys towards the flag ... hit the flag then straight into the hole lol
  11. Work on a night helpdesk 12 hour shifts thurs,fri and sat every week but leaves me plenty of time off for golf lol
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