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  1. Loss of lag can be a result of a backswing that is too long and/or getting the upper body moving toward target. No drill, holding action, or training aide fixes those problems. mon the Hibs
  2. Release is the gradual turning of the club from hip height on your downswing through your swing to hip height on the far side of impact.
  3. If correct information is of the upmost importance why do people refer to the original ball flight laws as being wrong when in actual fact the pga manual has always had and still has the laws correct. The PGA Teaching Manual states quite accurately that there are 5 laws that influence ball flight. Those are; Clubhead Speed, Centeredness of Contact, Clubhead Path, Position of Club face and Angle of approach.
  4. The masters wasn't classed as a major until the late 50s early 60s as was the PGA Championship It is difficult to determine when the definition changed to include the current four tournaments, although many trace it to Arnold Palmer's 1960 season, when after winning the Masters and the U.S. Open to start the season he remarked that if he could win the Open Championship and PGA Championship to finish the season, he would complete "a grand slam of his own" to rival Bobby Jones's 1930 feat
  5. The fact that a tournament has invitational spots is one of the reasons i think the masters shouldn't be classed as a major
  6. US gallon = about 3.8 litres UK gallon = about 4.5
  7. Its a shot that I'm not even close to having, when Ive seen the shot being played against me I'm always surprised that the club being used has a lot more loft on it than i would have guessed (58 or 60 degrees) and it sounds to me like they have slightly thinned the shot
  8. Robert Rock has been on the radar on this side of the pond for a few years now, sometimes for the wrong reasons. His fondness for the amber nectar has possibly kept him from reaching his full potential. When he plays well hes got a beautiful swing but he's got a tendency to almost fan the club open toe up, and can get too handsy through impact
  9. I would think the stack and tilt community would think very highly of TPI and recommend to all golfers, wasn't it at a TPI Fitness Summit that they got the answer they were looking for
  10. I personally would kill for his impact position, i hope Sean doesn't lose the good things in his swing in an attempt to change things to someone else perception (I'm talking about his 10 lessons) of whats the best way without knowing his physical limitations, that's of course if he has any. One things for sure a stretching program isn't going to hurt his progress, what could set him backs though is someone trying to get him to achieve certain positions that at this moment of time his body might not be capable of and the knock on effect thereafter
  11. The good thing about this problem is it might improve by using some simple stretching exercises. You'll have to find out first where the main problem is coming from
  12. Sean if you look at your DLT video, your hips are moving forward in your back swing also. If you look at the red line on your butt, when you reach the top of your back swing your right butt cheek should be behind the line by a couple of inches at least, and in the transition into the down swing after your slight hip bump to the target you have to take your left butt cheek back to the position of a couple if inches behind the red line. We tend to forget the hips are oval in shape and are not circular, if the red line was a wall and you were to turn your hip with your butt on the wall, it would
  13. The face on video of Tyler is brilliant, its hard to believe its the same guy. When dramatically improving his hip turn to eliminate the massive hip stall, did you find that it automatically got rid of his casting and flipping
  14. If you watch the video closely it shows the club face is contributing 100% to the initial ball flight, this flies in the face of the correct ball flight laws and the physics behind them
  15. The true ball flight laws tell us that a push-draw (G) is a result of an open clubface with a swing path that's more inside-out than the clubface is open. For example, if the clubface is 3° open at impact but the swing path is 6° inside-out, the ball will start right (open clubface relative to the target) and curve left (closed clubface relative to the swing path). How would the old ball flight laws tell us to hit a push-draw (G)? They'd tell us to swing in-to-out while keeping the clubface square to the target. Basically, they'd tell us to hit shot D. Ouch. The above is taken
  16. No doubt you've seen this video before but ill post it anyway. Halfway through the video the screen splits, its the left half of the screen that might help
  17. Weight must shift laterally during the full swing, it must remain centered between the feet. The weight shift should never cause either ankle to roll outward. The left ankle rolls inward on the back-swing while the right ankle mirrors that motion on the forward swing. Golf is played between the ankles.
  18. If your looking to make small changes you could look for some Dan Pohl swing videos, you've already got a couple of his moves
  19. I was thinking about this and wondered if your hitting off one of the harder mats, how much it effects the actual shot?. Hitting an iron with a -5 degree AoA and instantly after impact it levels out to 0 degrees, the club never achieves its low point
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