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  1. Heh. I don't carry a 3wood. So I picked up a Titleist 2 hybrid, 19* 585. It's legit and I tee off with it quite frequently. So this pertains to me very loosely. haha
  2. I hit a bucket of balls. start out with the 3/4 hyrbids, work my way up to the mid and scoring irons. then hit my 3wood/driver. After the bucket is gone. I then proceed to the chipping area. I practice putting for 20ish min. The practice bump and runs from everywhere. My home course has like a pretty big chipping area where you can practice 50yd+ approaches as long as the green isnt filled with people practicing putting, obviously. Then I end my day with hitting different approach shots from 20-50ish yards away.
  3. Haha. I'd Pick Tom Watson if he was in the field. The Morning Drive guys are absolutely raving about David Toms to take it. But ya the favorites have to be Bubba, Westwood, Donald and Phil.
  4. How do you fellas handle this issue? I absolutely hate putting with a dirty ball. I tried the saliva technique and it really fails to get all of the dirt off the ball. You guys have any tips/tricks to making your balls squeaky clean (hehe) before putting??
  5. Driver: 240 3wood: 220 2h: 200 3H: 190 4H: 180 5I: 170 6I: 160 7I: 150 8I: 140 9I: 130 PW: 100-120ish GW: >100 SW: >60
  6. Steve Stricker becuase I really try and focus on hitting my irons well, and making good iron shots. Also Tom Watson, Just love the way he carries himself along the course. He kind of strolls and it just looks so natural when he does everything golf related. His swing/putting stroke just look natural.
  7. Hey! I also had a new low round today...82! I hit 12/18 GIR's. If my putter was hot, My score would have been much lower haha! I just wanna break 80 so baddd! Congrats man!
  8. They're cheaper alternatives then buying the 400-500 dollar drivers, 500-1000 dollar iron sets etc. I started golfing seriously just last summer. I started with a beginner set that cost me about 130 dollars for the entire shabang. Driver,woods,hyrbids,irons, and a putter. I used this set the entire season last year. About a month ago I decided it was time to upgrade. I did plenty of research and found a site that had what I was looking for, for a very reasonable price. I bought a Nike Dymo Driver for 79.99, and a set of Adams Tight Lie Irons (3H,4H,5-GW), and 36 practice balls for about 279 or
  9. I know!When I think of the dry courses around us it's usually Tanglewood, Knoll Run or Reserve Run but every is bad. I went to reserve run today and it was extremely soggy. Standing water everywhere.
  10. I'm from Youngstown too, went out to Knoll Run on Saturday. It was just a sloppy muddy waste of time. This rain is rediculous.
  11. Well message me next time your in Cleveland, maybe we could find a course that works for both of us and golf a round!
  12. Im from Youngstown...Completely across the State
  13. Spoken like a true champion. He deserved the Masters, no one gave it to him, he took it.
  14. Yes, Clubs are already fitted for me. With alignment rods, I've determined it is an aiming issue. However, On the range(using the rods) I can hit the ball straight but once I get on the course I continue to hit balls left of my intended target. I force myself to aim further right and I feel like I am aimed WAY too far right. But according to my playing partners I'm aimed perfectly and just need to trust the alignment.
  15. I think it's because Augusta is so old school and tradtional that maybe those casual looking golf shoes would not be acceptable. But I'll tell you what, those Eccos, are really sharp. I want to pick a pair of them up. 140 is kind of a lot though.
  16. Well I have a pretty big walkin closet and I just store them in there. I dont keep them in the garage because Im scared my mom or dad will run them over haha. And not in my car becuase it does get super hot in there.
  17. I had a few bad rounds of 95+, like maybe my first 4 or 5 times out. Now I'm back to my normal mid 80's.
  18. I seem to be missing greens to the left regularly. I feel as though I'm making solid contact with out a pull. I hit 4 greens in a row, however they were all ridiculously left, and left me with a pretty difficult 2 putt that I cannot often convert. Is this an issue with aiming/alignment? Or should I practice putting?
  19. Geez, I guess I'm more susceptible to the cold than I thought I was. I wear those underarmour thermals under my jeans to class sometimes haha. And depending on how long it stays cold like this, I may need to invest in a pair of those cold weather golf gloves.
  20. I went out today to my home course, and it was a moderate 35 degrees the entire round. I shot pretty decent considering the conditions. The course was not only very cold but extremely soft and soggy due to heavy rain the day before. Anyways I was just wondering what you guys wore during these cold rounds. I understand some of you are "fair weather" golfers and golf stricly when the conditions are perfect. However, I am working on my game for an upcoming local league. And I figure the more practice the better. So lets see what do you guys wear when its cold for golf, but still gives you a large
  21. No, man that's what I was looking for! Thanks! I think I'm going to upgrade this season from soft balls and play Gamer V2's. Heard a ton of great things about the Gamer V2's. Will I see a major difference or a difference at all if I make that change? I'm playing super cheap balls right now like DT so/lo DT Carry etc...
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