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  1. Duke gets every call known to man, and still finds ways to lose.
  2. Put your hat forwards for the love of christ haha Beautiful course though, how'd you shoot?
  3. The people who play at the particular course are a huge thing for me. At one course I play around here the first Tee is pretty close to the Club House and thier outdoor Patio. And if a newer player Tee's off and perhaps duff's his tee shot or mishits it, people on the Patio almost always snicker. And usually it's older players who are chuckling at this. It makes me sick to my stomach. Of course these guys on the Patio have probably had a few sips of thier favorite brew but still I find that behavior completely out of line. As far as physical things on go a golf course, I really like to
  4. I want Tiger to win so bad. I want Tiger to win any tournament actually. But I think The Big Easy is going to steal this one.
  5. I'm calling Graeme Mcdowell! He can really get it done out there.
  6. I ranger/start at my main course, so I play for free. I never keep score then. I almost treat those rounds as practice rounds. But when I'm with friends or away from my main course I keep a scorecard all the time.
  7. Where I'm at: -16.0 Handicap -Good Second shot/iron play -Good putting -Bad with Driver in hand -Bad around greens/wedge play Goals for this season: -Really work on getting rid of my slice -Stop wasting strokes(tops/misshits/etc) -Improve Wedge play -Keep a level head -have fun
  8. Euro: Rory Mcilroy US: Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Tom Watson And John Daly
  9. If someone leaves a putt really short, I or someone always says: "That's a nice skirt you have there".
  10. Im from Struthers, I mostly at Bedford,Knoll Run, and Tanglewood. My favorite course around us has to be Reserve Run.
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