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  1. From personal experience, I would say no. The MP33's are fine, assuming shafts and lie angle are right. If you are a 10, you should have a good idea of where your lost shots are coming from. Fairways, Greens, putting Etc.. I don't think you will see a significant difference in switching to Game Improvement irons. Plus, MP33's are sexy as hell!
  2. I taught Brant everything!
  3. I can't find much wrong at all. I wish I had that swing
  4. Brant17, I wish I could play a round with you. I've been stuck with my current scores forever. I have a mini goal to get under 9 by next summer. 11 to 3 in less than 1 yr. is awesome!
  5. Thanks everybody. My shoulder turn is ok I guess. I dont get my hands very high. I think my numbers are good for a 10 hdcp. But all the 5 hdcp. I know are very long off the tee. The few holes that I described would play so different for me if I had 6 iron in instead of 3 or 4. I still haven't got any hybrids. Mostly because there are too many to choose from. I rarely get any birdies. seems like I never get more than 1 a round. My last 2 rounds I started 36 38 on the front(easier) Just to finish 81 82 total. I actually tied a very low hndcp on the front. But he ended up with 73 to my 81. He reached the green on my nemesis par 4's plus both par 5's. This back nine really has my number. There are some fairly easy holes, I guess I'm gonna have to birdie some of those. Gonna look at some hybrids and work hard on short game.
  6. Jaywun

    My swing (yeri)

    Hi Yeri, I have a slightly different approach than most. I like to start at impact and work back. Before anything else I would focus on having my hands ahead of clubhead at impact. This is imperative! Look at film of all the great champions past and present. The ONLY position that is always the same is shaft angle at impact. Now how to get there will vary greatly. Remember every teaching pro will give different drills and direction, but they will all be ultimately aiming at you arriving at proper impact position. In the end you will want to get there the simplest and most energy efficient way possible. Good luck!
  7. Dan, what camera are you using? That is a great slo mo. On topic-I really like your swing, and I can tell you're working on hands ahead at impact, wich is crucial. But I really love the camera. I've got to get a good slo mo cam.
  8. Holy cow, you shot 4 over and you started playing last year! I'm so jealous. Anyways, I believe you shot a legit +4. Only if you lift clean and place in the fairway. If you disturbed your ball in any way while off the fairway it wasn't legit. Anyways congrats. And I'd say your on your way to scratch.
  9. Oh god, I just saw they come in black nickel! This is getting bad!
  10. I can't stop thinking about those mp68 sticks my friend got. Oh boy, I feel some domestic violence coming.
  11. Wasn't Jones the only one to win the slam?
  12. Definitely over 130. But I introduced golf to a friend about 10 yrs. ago. After 3 driving range sessions, and long chipping putting sessions, 3 practice days total. He fired 97 on a fairly long Muni course. He lost interest in golf soon after. He never even bought a set of clubs. (borrowed mine) Ball striking came very very easy to him. So I definitely believe someone can shoot 88 on his first time out. Especially if he got alot of good instruction beforehand. I think my passion for the game is largely due to how bad I struggled my first year. It took me many many buckets before I even got the ball in the air with an iron. Needless to say when I finally did start hitting good shots I was so hooked.
  13. I'm an older golfer. 11 handicap. I average 250 off the tee, 5 iron about 175. The thing is I have a short backswing(self taught). I have no crazy goals of getting to scratch but feel I still have a chance to get to 5. Question-should I still try to lengthen my backswing for more distance or stick with my length and work on short game to get down to 5? I layup on every par 5 and try to wedge in for birdie, but almost never 1 put, so settle for par at best. Most low single digits say birdie on par 5's are necessary. If I can maintain my distances and just work on consistency and short game, is getting to 5 realistic or do I have to get longer? Also, there are a couple long par 4's on my local courses that I just dread playing. I always have 3 or 4 iron in and always bogey or worse on those holes. Any thoughts? Anyone in the same position? All feedback appreciated.
  14. + index golfers that didn't actually get there until after married w/kids and working full time. Seems like a very rare accomplishment. But I'd like to know about those that have done it.
  15. Jaywun

    Mini Tour Play

    Ben, give a shoutout to the sandtrap gang! if/when you get a microphone stuck in your face. Kick butt!
  16. make it to final stage Q-school? I think I read where a couple were trying. If not, what were the results? How close did you get?
  17. I never saw these before. A friend of mine just got these. They have to be some of the best looking irons I've ever seen. Anybody have them. I didn't ask to hit them, cause they were a week old. Opinions?
  18. Jaywun


    Great Post. Most thankful for my wife and kids. About 5 yrs ago we started the tradition at Thanksgiving table, of passing a candle around the table, when each person gets the candle they have to say what they are most thankful for. Very nice
  19. Latest golf digest has a very good article about matching your swing to the grip. Using Duval, Price,and Woods as examples. My opinion fwiw is that a stronger grip is harder to get the exact same grip position on every shot. But there have been too many great champions with a strong grip to say that it will never work.
  20. Mike I find it hard to believe your only 12 with that swing. Looks very good
  21. Hi Haddockd, Your swing looks very repeatable and resembles mine in alot of ways. That said you look quite young and if I were your age I wouldn't be satisfied. If you truly love the game and have the resources, you should definitly look into more wrist cock and having your hands more ahead at impact. You look fairly strong and I think you are being robbed of a lot of power. A video lesson would show you the biggest differences between your positions and a touring pro, mainly wrist cock and hands before clubhead at impact-no flipping. But like I've said before it all depends on long term goals and resources. Despite what anyone says, swing changes are not fun and require a great deal of trust and hard work. From experience the worse thing that can happen is starting to shoot good scores with compensated swing flaws. Then it becomes very hard to change. Good luck
  22. I am So jealous! Birdie birdie birdie finish. You da man!
  23. I'm sorry, but I wasn't talking about 15 handicap celebrities. I'm talking about the celebrity tourney at Tahoe. Where everyone on the leaderboard has been a +index for years and have all played in mini tour events. Their ball striking is incredible and all held up to the pressure great. The difference IS the short game. Especially putting. There are tons of + index amatuers with incredible full swing mechanics that hold up under pressure. Their weak short game keeps them from playing for a living. I'd say at least 90%. Disagree if you want, I'm too old to care, But I do like the attention.
  24. Casper, I'll bite. The short answer is that the only thing that matters is the path, face angle, and speed of clubhead thru impact. Now the complicated part. Finding the most repeatable, energy efficient way to consistently reach that few inches thru the ball. A laymen would look at Furyks swing and think ugly. A teaching pro would see his path thru the slot from top of backswing to impact and see pure beauty. I think it all depends on your long term goals. Everyone can make a physical change to compensate for an incorrect move that will lead to better results. But will that compensation hurt your ultimate goals? Example-I'm self taught over 20 yr. golfer and have never been under 9 index. Because I'm self taught, yrs later I now know what I've done to be able to have semi decent contact. I have a terrible over the top move and out to in swing path, but I've compensated by closing my stance strong grip and no wrist hinge. Result is a straight ball flight with alot of waisted energy loss of power and inconsistency. I can't afford to dedicate myself to a coach and rebuild my swing, and at my age I've resigned to just having the most fun I can. But if your young enough, and have the resources, and love the game. I would definitely get a pro-video analasys and find out exactly why a steeper swing gave you better results. You will probably find it is a compensation for an incorrect position. If not just stick with the new swing thought and see where it takes you. Like I said it's all gonna be based on your long term goals. Hope I helped
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